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A Little Bit Racey

Produced by: Shefffield Live DJ

Four panellists race against a time limit of just three minutes to reach a destination. They begin from different starting points and use an assortment of companions, objects and modes of transport, but they must keep everything together with them when they travel. They must also overcome their opponent, provided by another panellist, who will…

There is not another programme for this show scheduled at present.
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Aaj Ka Sabrang

Produced by: Jawaid Anwar Qazi

  Aaj Ka Sabrang is a mix of different flavours of Asian music from the sub-continent and chat, on local issues interviews with local councillors and news and views from the Sub Continent. You may join in by calling live in any of the following languages, Urdu, English and Punjabi. Photographs  

Next on: 7:00pm, Monday, 15th July
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Aaj Ki Shaam

Produced by: Jawwad Janjua

  Local Community’s Issues, Light Topics, Humour, Literature including Poetry, Chit Chat and much more.

Next on: 8:00pm, Friday, 19th July
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Aap Ki Pasand

Produced by: Mansha Khan

Aap Ki Pasand is on every Thursday 9pm-11pm with Mansha Khan …. show with live calls,  Asian community with a mix of melodious tunes from down memory lane and your choice of music.  Listeners can share their own  Poetry and read poetry of their favourite poets/poetess. Studio guests and a chance for you to phone in make…

There is not another programme for this show scheduled at present.
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Adal Voice of Eritreans

Produced by: Aklilu Abraham

Adal Voice of Eritreans is a weekly radio magazine programme for the global Eritrean community.  Established in 2004, Adal Voice of Eritrean sreaches the Eritrean diaspora with quality presentations and media productions that highlight issues and challenges facing the Eritrean migrant community. Adal Voice of Eritreans is an independent media production, not affiliated to any…

Next on: 11:00am, Sunday, 21st July
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African Voices Platform

Produced by: Baillor Jalloh

African Voices Platform (AVP) is a South Yorkshire based independent media production organisation. We curate and deliver content that is informative, educational, and empowering by authentically portraying African communities on the African continent and in diaspora.   African voices platform (facebook) @AV_PLATFORM (Twitter) Email: Info@africanvoicesplatform.org website: africanvoicesplatform.org   Team: Baillor Jalloh Founding CEO and Director…

Next on: 7:00pm, Friday, 19th July
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Ann D Presents Weekend Breaks and Angry Kittens

Produced by: Ann D

Ann D has been spinning tunes for years & has a lot of music, which she fondly describes as ‘all hits no bricks’. She’s played gigs from here to Oz & on her weekly show she’ll be selecting the very best new upfront music ahead of release dates & classic old tunes ranging round dub,…

Next on: 7:00pm, Sunday, 14th July
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Budget Bardot’s Jukebox

Produced by: Zoe Kinross

Budget Bardot hosts an eclectic jukebox style show with chat and music. Special guests feature regularly. budgetbardot@sheffieldlive.org

Next on: 9:00pm, Thursday, 18th July
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Business Live

Produced by: Jamie Veitch

09:00 – 10:00 Business Live Presented by Jamie Veitch Business news, debate and interviews for anyone interested in growing or starting a business (including social enterprises). Guests include business people sharing their tips and advice on how they have overcome challenges and inspiration.

Next on: 9:00am, Friday, 19th July
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Communities Live!

Produced by: Kevin Resley, Dale and Kay, Calvin Payne, Paul Gregory, Marshall

Communities Live! Every Weekday, 12pm-1pm Sheffield Live’s flagship local issues programme ‘Communities Live’ is broadcast every weekday from 12-1pm. Different groups of volunteers produce and present the show each day, providing a wide mix of styles and subjects for discussion: local and national politics; music and art from Sheffield; community events, and much more. We…

Next on: 12:00pm, Monday, 15th July
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Cool Beans Radio Show

Produced by: Chris Arnold

New music, old music, special guests, live sessions and guaranteed top notch chat from Chris Arnold, Mickey Michaels and a whole variety of special guests! Chris & Mickey also present a TV show, go check that out here. Check out some of our live sessions from the radio studio… The Grand Old Ukes Of Yorkshire…

There is not another programme for this show scheduled at present.
There is not another programme for this show scheduled at present.
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Diversity Fest Radio

Produced by: Trevor Tomlin

Diversity Fest Radio Every Thursday 3- 4 p.m. Diversity Fest promotes mutual respect and co-operation between all people through creativity: music, dance, spoken word and art. Bringing together different communities to celebrate unity for we have more in common than things that divide us. All communities, all genders, all sexualities, all ethnicities, all ages, all…

Next on: 3:00pm, Thursday, 18th July
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Downright Nostalgia

Produced by: Trev and Lynn Clarke

Sheffield Live presents Downright Nostalgia! Presented by Trev and Lynn Clarke Every Thursday 2pm to 3pm Music from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s Come and join us to hear brilliant music that is not often played on other radio stations today. Give it a whirl, it’s music for the forgotten generations. Enjoy music from Dance…

Next on: 2:00pm, Thursday, 18th July
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Produced by: Paul Sellers

Eclectica is Sheffield’s original and only 100% vinyl radio show, aimed at promoting the one format that will never die, vinyl, 12, 10 and 7 inches of analogue joy. Handpicked by Paul Sellers from his own collection and the occasional promo and borrowed bits from friends in the know. The show is purposely Eclectic covering…

Next on: 12:00pm, Sunday, 21st July
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Empty Space

Produced by: Dan Sumption

A playground, a gallery, An experiment. Art, culture, and odd-shaped things. Space that’s not dead, just temporarily empty. Everything is true. Everything is permitted. Minimalists, Maximalists and Mandrills, guest artists and avant-guardians, soundscapes and space-rock, thrash-jazz and Schlager. Expect the unexpected. https://www.facebook.com/groups/5607914570/

There is not another programme for this show scheduled at present.
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Green, Friendly and Different

Produced by: Alan Deadman

Music from all around the world, including Sheffield, from the banging to the serene. Plus information on local events and interviews with music activists and musicians. Join us Facebook: Green, Friendly and Different on 93.2fm

Next on: 9:00am, Tuesday, 16th July
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In the Moment

Produced by: Andrew Herbert

Vital mix of improvised music focusing on contemporary jazz, soul jazz, funk, and swing. Bringing you hot new releases in our featured ‘New Directions’ albums, keeping you up to date with the latest thinking in improvised music. Also featuring recordings from the giants of jazz – such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis – from…

Next on: 10:00am, Monday, 15th July
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Keynote Club

Produced by: Bob Hall

One hour of the best and the rarest in blues and rhythm ‘n’ blues, interspersed with quirky humour.  Bob Hall plays and discusses outstanding recordings from his vast personal collection. Acknowledged as Britain’s finest blues and boogie pianist, Bob’s award-winning, elegant piano style and song-writing have influenced generations of piano players. As a respected authority…

Next on: 11:00am, Wednesday, 17th July
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Latino Times

Produced by: Mauricio Sirvent

A programme that introduces all different styles of Latin music from its roots and at the same time inform the audience of the latest issues in Latin America, also interviews with artists visiting the city (not necessarily South American).  

Next on: 5:00pm, Monday, 15th July
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Liusheng Sheffield

Produced by: Belinda Shiu, Si Cao, Xuejiao Wei, Le Xe, Xialolei Wu

Magazine programme for the Chinese community.

Next on: 7:00pm, Thursday, 18th July
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Max Chance Show

Produced by: Dale Le Fevre

  The Max Chance show is an eclectic presentation of unusual music, comedy and interviews with musicians and political types by host. Unusual in this case also means music that is typically not heard in the UK, even if it’s music from the UK. While any given week may look vastly different depending on the…

Next on: 5:00pm, Tuesday, 16th July
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mcnige presents Da Beat Down

Produced by: mcnige

mcnige Sheffield favorite host, presents, the most interactive show on the station, Da beat down. The show prides itself on being a platform for up and coming local talent. Not to mention, showcasing the city’s best DJs, coupled with a blazing mixture of reggae hip hop, soul r&b, dancehall, ska, jungle, and more, text. 07463…

Next on: 9:00pm, Friday, 19th July
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Mid-afternoon Memories

Produced by: Rob Wellington

Why not tune in to Mid-afternoon Memories on Sheffield live at 3 p.m. join us and recall some special musical moments from day gone by..we’ll  be having plenty of laughs and lots of quality tracks that will invoke memories Galore.  Proceedings will start off with some old school Motown classics and some other retro genres such as…

Next on: 3:00pm, Monday, 15th July
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Music Box

Produced by: Steven Roden

A weekly show which encompasses all types of music genres to reflect wide and varied musical tastes.  Playing music from the 40`s-90`s and once a month themed shows and album or artist of the day. A show to complement the diversity that is Sheffield Live !

Next on: 10:00am, Thursday, 18th July
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My Kinda Place

Produced by: Richard Motley

@MyKindaPlace is mainly an interview and conversation based weekly radio programme My name is Richard Motley. I am passionate about City-Making especially place-making for the creative economy. I manage the CIQ Agency which trades as Integreat Plus and produce the radio programme, My Kinda Place supported by Sheffield Live! Integreat Plus is a social enterprise…

Next on: 9:00am, Thursday, 18th July
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Night-time with Knoxy

Produced by: Jade Knox

From the indie disco to soul and funk, heart-breakers and 80s punk. Night-time with Knoxy is 2 hours of eclectic tracks with a special slot specifically for your requests!

There is not another programme for this show scheduled at present.
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Pangaea Plays

Produced by: Joe and Ella

Sheffield musos Joe and Ella bring you Pangaea Plays Radio – two hours of their selections spanning percussion, jazz, downtempo, hip hop, gospel, funk and soul and beyond. Ella’s shows will have a specific focus on African and Latin American countries and how they interact with these genres, while Joe will cover a range of…

Next on: 1:00pm, Saturday, 20th July
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Peace in the Park

Produced by: Peace in the Park team

The Peace in the Park Show will take you on a tour through the various independent music nights in Sheffield. Each separate show will be hosted by one of the cities premier music promoters and will give the chance for each promoter to showcase what their event is about. This is your opportunity to see…

Next on: 5:00pm, Friday, 19th July
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Platinum Plates

Produced by: DJ Skiii

Listen up, listen in and let me take you back to when reggae was king! Platinum Plates will re-introduce you to tracks and artist profiles/updates and will re-ignite the light for all the revival Reggae, Rockers, Conscious lyrics, Lovers, Ska and Version fanatics out there.  We will be playing the sounds of the 60s, 70s…

There is not another programme for this show scheduled at present.
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Produced by: Sarah and Tim

Radioactive is a weekly magazine programme presented by Tim Moffatt and Sarah Evans-Alwin, featuring the best in radio, film, and book reviews. Feeling in a rut or just want to break out of your usual habits? Now is the time to tune in and check out great content and unlock some classic as well as…

Next on: 11:00am, Tuesday, 16th July
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Reggae Time Show

Produced by: DJ Selekta K

Join DJ Selekta K every Saturday from 5pm for two hours of reggae sounds.

Next on: 5:00pm, Saturday, 20th July
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Sheffield In Focus

Produced by: Matt Silverwood, Bill Skipworth, Don Kyte

Weekly magazine show of particular interest to local visually impaired people of all ages. The show features a diary of events, product reviews, interviews, opinion, debate and much more.  

Next on: 3:00pm, Tuesday, 16th July
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Sheffield Meltdown

Produced by: Fat Piggy MC

‘Sheffield Meltdown Scooter Sounds Radio’ in the presence of ska and scooter dj FatPiggyMC (sevenhills collective, sheffield combined, ysa, moon ska dj’s), showcasing the eclectic scene that is scootering, plus the diversity of punks, mods, soulies, skinheads and scooterboys and everything inbetween. This is the show that brings it into your home; the smell of two…

There is not another programme for this show scheduled at present.
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Sheffield Uprising

Produced by: Monday: Simon Thake, Wednesday: Chris Arnold, Thursday and Friday: Charles Clarke

Your morning show currently broadcasting 7AM – 9AM every Monday with Simon Thake, every Wednesday with Chris Arnold and Charles Clarke on Thursday and Fridays. Jolly music, news, chat and regular prize giveaways!

Next on: 7:00am, Monday, 15th July
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Siteen Daqiqa be Alarabi

Produced by: Wajdi Raweh

Magazine programme for the Yemeni community. The idea of the show is to bring together Sheffield’s Yemeni population, to answer the call for the wider promotion of virtuous, ethical and respectful behaviour towards all religions and to contribute towards integration and enhance communication between individuals and communities. It also aims to provide entertainment and encourage…

Next on: 8:00pm, Thursday, 18th July
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Soul Casino

Produced by: Stevlor and the Spinning Orphans

Stevlor with his Spinning Orphans 60 minutes of Rare, Northern and Classic Soul from the late 1950’s up to what we like to call on this show, ‘The Right Side Of Disco’. Expect to hear everything from the record vaults of Motor City to ultra rare tracks and northern gems from the glory days of…

Next on: 5:00pm, Thursday, 18th July
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Soul Plus

Produced by: Team Soul Plus

SOUL PLUS Music that influenced Soul… Music that came out of Soul… Brought to you live each week by ‘Team Soul Plus’ Podcasts from our previous shows can be found below…

Next on: 10:00am, Saturday, 20th July
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Sounds Like This

Produced by: Chris Welch and Danny Mager

Roastin some leftfield dance type music! Chris Welch and Danny Mager drop some upfront beatisms. Musical styles will include hip hop, soul, latin, drum n bass, reggae, bashment, house, dubstep, broken beat, jazz and loads more. Look out for guest mixes in the 30 Mins of This part of the show, comps, previews of upcoming…

On now!
Listen live! Show pages »

Sounz@boutright / TalkingGigs

Produced by: Alistair Dempster (Sounz@boutright) / Charles Ritchie (TalkingGigs)

Sounz@boutright and TalkingGigs are broadcast in this slot alternatively every 2 weeks. Sounz@boutright presents Local, national and international environmental stories all linked together by an eclectic mix of loosely themed music. TalkingGigs is about the Music Behind the Music of Sheffield. 

There is not another programme for this show scheduled at present.
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Produced by: Peter Evans

An extensive weekly exploration of modern jazz; be-bop, hard bop, West Coast, Latin, bossa nova, vocals, fusion and soul.

Next on: 9:00am, Sunday, 21st July
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Spirit of the Wapentake

Produced by: Local musician Bona and friends

Spirit of the Wapentake is Sheffield’s premier FM rock radio show. Broadcast live, every Wednesday 5 till 7. The name comes from the Wapentake Bar that used to be in the basement of Sheffield’s Grosvenor Hotel on Wellington St. Shut about 25 years ago, it is still fondly remembered by the rock community. We aren’t trying to copy it we just want to keep its spirit alive by playing great rock music.

Next on: 5:00pm, Wednesday, 17th July
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Steel and Wire

Produced by: Harry Welburn

STEEL & WIRE is a weekly one hour music programme where Harry Welburn plays and promotes Americana & American Traditional/Roots music. STEEL & WIRE: Bluegrass, Cajun, Zydeco, Old Time, Western Swing, Country, Alt. Country – and all the great music that falls under the ‘Americana’ label …..and more Great music – past & present –…

Next on: 10:00am, Wednesday, 17th July
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Sunday Sounds

Produced by: Luke Crofts & Scott Brady

  Luke & Scott bring you the best new music! Every Sunday at 2pm on Sheffield Live! 93.2FM   Follow us on our Socials      

Next on: 2:00pm, Sunday, 21st July
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Sweet Talking Sports

Produced by: Sweet

Sweet Talking Sports Radio Chat Show – Presented by Sweet Is straight to the point sports chat show that deals with the latest sports news and stories,with both interviews and drawing an audience that fits today’s modern society.Devoted entirely to discussion on sporting events whether local or national. A good to go on-air style expansive debate and analysis by Sweet…

Next on: 6:00pm, Friday, 19th July
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Swing Time

Produced by: John Fowler

Film and theatre reviews plus swing classics.        

Next on: 1:00pm, Tuesday, 16th July
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Thank Goodness its Folk

Produced by: Sam Hindley and James Fagan

Thank Goodness its Folk Presented Sam Hindley and James Fagan. Traditional folk music from the British Isles.    

Next on: 10:00am, Friday, 19th July
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The Back Room

Instagram: dj.paddy

Next on: 6:00pm, Thursday, 18th July
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The Big Swing presents…

Produced by: The Big Swing Sheffield

PLEASE NOTE: After Nov 28th 2018 the Big Swing & Get Down shows are no longer available. That leaves the Budget Bardo show, which might be on occasionally. Thank you for checking out our shows and we hope you’ve enjoyed the music. If you would like to get in touch you can email us here:…

Next on: 2:00pm, Wednesday, 17th July
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The Breakdown

Produced by: Joel Rigler and Steve Vickers

A weekly alternative musical jamboree transmitting live to the world every Saturday afternoon. Usually presented by Joel and Steve, with a rolling cast of guests co-hosts, including Adam, John, Pete, Dan and Lee. Every week, we give exposure to the best new music we can lay our hands on, with a regular delve into the…

Next on: 3:00pm, Saturday, 20th July
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The Film Show

Produced by: Martin Carter and Shelley O' Brien

The Film Show, presented by Martin Carter and Shelley O’ Brien is a weekly news and reviews show devoted to cinema in and around Sheffield. Special screenings, festivals and new releases are covered each week along with features on community cinema, film societies and films being shot in the city. If you are interested in…

Next on: 12:00pm, Saturday, 20th July
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The Glory Days Rock Show

Produced by: Team GD

 The Glory Days Rock Show 2 hours of great Rock Music in all its different forms! (Classic, Hard, Prog, Folk, Punk, Grunge, Indie, Goth) including guest ‘phone-ins’ with Local Bands… Brought to you by ‘Team GD’ Listen locally on 93.2 FM, Freeview Channel 7, Virgin 159 and anywhere else in the world, at any time…

Next on: 1:00pm, Monday, 15th July
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The Live Science Radio Show

Produced by: The Live Science Team

Bringing science related news to the people of Sheffield in a bite-sized and easy to understand format

Next on: 11:00am, Saturday, 20th July
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The Local Talent Show

Produced by: Natalie Beard

  The Local Talent Show is a showcase of the Sheffield Music Scene. Local Artists, Bands and Songwriters are interviewed and perform live in the studio every week. If you want to know who’s who and where they are playing then this is the programme to tune in to. Presenter and Producer Natalie Beard is…

Next on: 4:00pm, Friday, 19th July
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The Mid Week Mix

Produced by: Adam H

Every Wednesday from 9-11pm Presenter and DJ, Adam H will be providing you with fresh new sounds over the airwaves… This show specialises in remixes of the tracks you love, guest DJs performing every week, from current celebrities, to up and coming artists. Tune in for that weekend feeling, Midweek. 😉 Message the show on…

Next on: 9:00pm, Wednesday, 17th July
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The Night Train

Jump on board The Night Train, Sunday 21:00 – 23:00 hrs. We’re a non-stop journey around the wide world of music from the last 100+ years. Providing music for almost any occasion. We’ve been know to play Rock & Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Country, beats, soul, funk, ska, house, garage, hip hop, trip hop, brass…

Next on: 9:00pm, Sunday, 14th July
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The Susie and Sheridan Show!

Produced by: Susie Casson and Sheridan Shacklethwaite

A lighthearted look at what’s going on in Sheffield this week, including reports and interviews by Sheridan, our resident roving reporter.

Next on: 1:00pm, Thursday, 18th July
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The Turnaround

Produced by: Peter Evans

Join Pete Evans every Thursday night at 11pm for an hour of modern jazz on vinyl. Each week enjoy a mixture of hardbop, latin and fusion from the 1950s onwards as Pete brings you both rare and well known gems from his personal collection. Not to be missed – be there or be square! Playlists…

Next on: 11:00pm, Thursday, 18th July
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The Voyage

Produced by: Johnny and Jono

Two self-appointed dudes throw down the cosmic jams and lead you through a voyage of musical discovery. An eclectic mix of great songs from a variety of genres, infused with humorous discussions and high quality chat. Chill with us on Monday nights from 11 and let us show you the music we love.

Next on: 11:00pm, Monday, 15th July
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This is PG

Produced by: Paul Gregory

Paul Gregory’s weekly show.

Next on: 8:00am, Saturday, 20th July
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Two Foot Left

Produced by: Nes

Underground, local, global, universal music and people.

Next on: 9:00pm, Monday, 15th July
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Produced by: Peter Brooks

Bringing you music from unsigned artists, made in and around the Sheffield area. Sheffield has a wealth of musical talent – hundreds of musicians, dozens of recording studios, rehearsal spaces, and venues. Making music of every genre – rock, folk, jazz, ska, classical, electronica, orchestral, reggae, choral, metal and more, most of this is made…

Next on: 1:00pm, Wednesday, 17th July
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Urban Expression

Produced by: Jose Spinola and Phil Robinson

Urban Expression Presented by Jose Spinola and Phil Robinson Urban Expression broadcasts every Tuesday from 9-11pm, featuring the best of hip hop underground with Jose Spinola. Shows feature unsigned artists, shout outs, worldwide hip hop, underground hip hop, news/ rumours, old and new school artists. Tune in every Tuesday, 9pm – 11pm. Find the show…

Next on: 9:00pm, Tuesday, 16th July
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Walk a Mile In My Shoes / The Golden Years

Produced by: Kevin Resley

Walk a Mile in my Shoes, the Elvis hours on Sheffield Live last Wednesday of the month from 3pm till 5pm (GMT) on Sheffield Live 93.2fm. Follow me on Twitter: @Kevinresley Join me on Facebook: Walk a Mile in my Shoes The Golden Years, Music from the 50’s to the 00’s, every Wednesday between 3pm…

Next on: 3:00pm, Wednesday, 17th July
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World Wide Wig Out

Produced by: Harry Welburn

An hour every fortnight of continuous World Music to move & groove to. Don’t worry about the lyrics – enjoy the rhythms from around the world. New, current, classic & obscure tracks.

Next on: 4:00pm, Thursday, 25th July
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Write Radio

Produced by: Andrew Tildesley

Write Radio is a two hour radio show which showcases new and local writing from the people of South Yorkshire. Airing every Friday from 1-3PM on Sheffield Live 93.2FM, we welcome submissions from all writers, beginners to experts, first timers to professionals, comedy, short stories, poems, novels, plays and more. If you have a story…

Next on: 1:00pm, Friday, 19th July
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Zongo FM

Produced by: Franz Von and K.O.G.

Playing a mad mix of world music from Sheffield and beyond… Presented by Franz Von and K.O.G.   Every Thursday evening from 9pm to 11pm

There is not another programme for this show scheduled at present.
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