Raising awareness of Diabetes

A campaign to highlight what puts people at risk of developing Diabetes has been launched this week. The Sheffield branch of Diabetes UK have set up an information point in the centre of town as part of the national campaign.

Reclaim the Internet

Women on the internet are often on the receiving end of abuse on social media a recent study has shown. A cross party campaign has started to tackle the growing issues of online abuse.

Gill Furniss wins Sheffield by-election

Gill Furniss, widow of former MP Harry Harpham, has won the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election, with a 6% increase in Labour’s share of the vote.

Following an acceptance speech in which she promised to carry on Harry Harpham’s work, she told Sheffield Live!: “The steel issue is a big issue in the city. We have already been hurt in the past. But I think there’s a window of opportunity to keep steel in this city for the long term”.

The full results for the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election were:
Gill Furniss, Labour, 14,087
Steven Winstone, UKIP, 4,497
Shaffaq Mohammed, Liberal Democrat, 1,385
Spencer Pitfield, Conservative, 1,267
Christine Gilligan, Green, 938
Stevie Manion, Yorkshire First, 349
Bobby Smith, Give Me Back Elmo, 58

Labour’s deputy leader seeks secure future for steel

Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, speaking at the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election count, said: “In Sheffield the debate about the future of British steel has seized all of our attention. Jeremy took a leadership position on that. Hopefully it will mean we can secure the future of that industry. It’s early days in Jeremy’s leadership but I hope we are showing there’s a different way to do politics.”

Social Haunting: talking to the ghosts of our past

Social Haunting Image - Max Munday

Social Haunting Image – Max Munday

Can our communities’ pasts haunt us? Are there traces of ideas and ways of living from that past that are not simply done and gone, but could be brought to life again? And how does the past impress itself on us in the present?

Social Haunting: talking to the ghosts of our past is a new radio documentary about an ambitious research project that uses arts practice to explore the idea of “social haunting.” You can hear it at 9am on Wednesday 10th February, here on Sheffield Live.

A “social haunting” is said to occur in circumstances where there’s been repression or trouble in society and as a result, the past presses in to the present in ways that aren’t obviously visible.

“Ghosts” appear when the pressing concerns of the past have not been attended to.

The Working with Social Haunting project explored the usefulness of this concept with two groups of people, those involved in the cooperative movement in Lancashire, and in trade unionism in the former coalfields of South Yorkshire.

The 30 minute radio documentary Social Haunting: Talking To The Ghosts Of Our Past will be broadcast on Sheffield Live radio (93.2FM and online) on Wednesday, 10th February at 9am.

Tune in to the show – and engage with the programme’s producer, Max Munday on twitter: #socialhauntinglive and @mouthpiece4shef and on Facebook (On social media, please do not refer by name to any of the participants who you may know; comments will be moderated).

You can also email comments to Max Munday via Your feedback is encouraged and welcomed.