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Platinum Plates

Presented by: Dj Skiii
Produced by: DJ Skiii

Sunday 3 pm - 5 pm

Listen up, listen in and let me take you back to when reggae was king!

Platinum Plates will re-introduce you to tracks and artist profiles/updates and will re-ignite the light for all the revival Reggae, Rockers, Conscious lyrics, Lovers, Ska and Version fanatics out there.  We will be playing the sounds of the 60s, 70s and early 80s, the music we grew up on that our parents first played on the ‘Blue spot’ gramophone.  We will have some local ‘experts’ sharing their music, knowledge and experience from their DJing and ‘Sound’ days past, present, future?………… come and join us every Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Platinum Plates

    1. kris

      what was that tune about 20 minutes ago “living in the land of the free Jamaica” ? tuuuune 🙂

      1. DJ Skiii

        Sorry Kris, just seen this, as you can guess I don’t usually look for stuff on here. Next time you have a question ask me on whilst i’m broadcasting on 07944746863

    2. Jordan Catnott

      We met you yesterday in steelworks ! BIG UP

      Jordan and Tara

      Loving the Sunday Reggae Vibes

    3. hoeg

      LovIng the afternoon vibes as ever THANKYOU 😀

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