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Presented by: Paul Sellers
Produced by: Paul Sellers

Sunday 12 pm - 2 pm

Eclectica is Sheffield’s original and only 100% vinyl radio show, aimed at promoting the one format that will never die, vinyl, 12, 10 and 7 inches of analogue joy. Handpicked by Paul Sellers from his own collection and the occasional promo and borrowed bits from friends in the know.

The show is purposely Eclectic covering as many genres and sounds as possible from Record Shops in Sheffield and the U.K and beyond, from scouting trips and holidays to weird finds in charity shops and the Internet, it’s always there to provide information to the listeners to get giddy about buying real records and loosing the soulless experience ever that comes with I-pod culture.

Paul Sellers presents the show live from 12 till 2 pm every Sunday at and on 93.2fm. Expect anything from Abba to the Aphex Twin, Loungecore to Library, Krautrock to Kelzmer, modern and original Psych, Garage, Dub, Dance, Techno and Spoken word, anything is up for airtime.

More Sunday service than Jarvis and more freakzone than Marconi, tune into Eclectica every Sunday 12 – 2pm only at Sheffield live on 93.2fm or via the Internet live and on podcast at

3 thoughts on “Eclectica

    1. Shelly

      Worse music I’ve ever heard!

    2. Laury

      Paul Sellers! Still at it! Thank you for the music 😉

    3. Luke

      Please leave names of songs up somewhere! Love the show

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