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Sounz@boutright / TalkingGigs

Presented by: Alistair Dempster (Sounz@boutright) / Charles Ritchie (TalkingGigs)
Produced by: Alistair Dempster (Sounz@boutright) / Charles Ritchie (TalkingGigs)

Thursday 4 pm - 5 pm


Thursday 4pm – 5pm (Alternating weeks: Sounz@boutright & TalkingGigs)



One hour programme every 2 weeks. Discussion, articles and interviews on Eco news, sustainable futures, Renewable energy, Climate Change, environmental issues, community economies. Local, national and international environmental stories all linked together by an eclectic mix of loosely themed music.

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One hour programme every 2 weeks. TalkingGigs: Music Behind the Music of Sheffield meets some of the people who work in and around the music scene in Sheffield – musicians, deejays, promoters, venues, writers, studio engineers, people who use music in their work, etc.  Hear them talk about what they do in music and listen to some of the music that has inspired them … find out about “the music behind the music in Sheffield”



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