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The Breakdown

Presented by: Joel Rigler and Steve Vickers
Produced by: Joel Rigler and Steve Vickers

Saturday 3 pm - 5 pm

A weekly alternative musical jamboree transmitting live to the world every Saturday afternoon. Usually presented by Joel and Steve but sometimes with Adam or John and occasionally even a Dan.

Every week, we give exposure to the best new music we can lay our hands on, with a regular delve into the past for ‘The 4 O’Clock Classic’ and occasional features like ‘The Datarock Double’ and ‘The Album Anniversary Flashback’.

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The Breakdown – never knowingly playing the same thing twice, since 2006.


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Here’s what we’ve been playing recently…


Saturday 6th March 2021

St. Vincent – ‘Pay Your Way In Pain’
Japanese Breakfast – ‘Be Sweet’
Sister Wives – ‘Crags’
Arab Strap – ‘Sleeper’
Salmon Cat – ‘Soft Blood’
Adult Mom – ‘Wisconsin’
Jane Weaver – ‘Stages Of Phases’
Model Village – ‘Otters’
Pom Pom Squad – ‘Lux’
Lyla Foy – ‘Synergy’
Barbarossa – ‘Hide’
Ski Saigon – ‘Silver Lining’
Hannah Rose Kessler – ‘A Thousand Cuts’
Wojtek The Bear – ‘Ferme La Bouche’
Xiu Xiu – ‘Rumpus Room’ (feat. Liars)

The 4 o’clock classic: DJ Shadow – ‘Mutual Slump’

Mother Mother – ‘I Got Love’
Eve Adams – ‘Woman On My Mind’
Of Montreal – ‘Now That’s What I Call Freewave’
Zed’s Dead – ‘Late Night Drive’
Arab Strap – ‘Bluebird’
Mette – ‘Petrified’
Zara Larsson – ‘Need Someone’
Billy Nomates – ‘Petrol Fumes’
Danny L Harle – ‘Car Song’
Ian Sweet – ‘Sword’
Adult Mom – ‘Berlin’
Ladyhawke – ‘Guilty Love’ (feat. Broods)
Clark – ‘Lambant Rag’
Bernice – ‘It’s Me Robin’


Saturday 27th February 2021

The Horrors – ‘Lout’
Kero Kero Bonito – ‘The Princess and The Clock’
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – ‘Carnage’
Nervous Dater – ‘The Dirt’
Mogwai – ‘Ceiling Granny’
Danny L Harle – ‘Do You Remember’
LA Exes – ‘Temporary Goodbye’
The Hold Steady – ‘Hanover Camera’
Maxïmo Park – ‘Versions Of Me’
Pussy Riot – ‘Toxic’ (feat. Dorian Electra)
Spector – ‘Fine Not Fine’
Kinlaw – ‘The Mechanic’
Mr Eazi – ‘Cherry’
Wolf Alice – ‘The Last Man On Earth’

The 4 o’clock classic: Daft Punk – ‘Technologic’

Julien Baker – ‘Relative Fiction’
Nervous Dater – ‘Tin Foil Hat’
Coach Party – ‘Everybody Hates Me’
Flock Of Dimes – ‘Price Of Blue’
Anna Fox Rochinski – ‘No Better’
Cloud Nothings – ‘Sound Of Alarm’
Shamir – ‘Ocean Eyes’
Grandaddy – ‘That Ring’
Adult Mom – ‘Checking Up’
girlhouse – ‘The Fatalist’
Deap Vally – ‘Shock Easy’ (feat. Jamie Hince)
Slothrust – ‘Cranium’


Saturday 20th February 2021

Arab Strap – ‘Here Comes Comus!’
Mush – ‘B2BCDA’
Nervous Twitch – ‘Don’t Blame Me’
Sea Lion – ‘There’s A Cool Light In My Baby’s Room’
Dignan Porch – ‘Simulation One’
Mogwai – ‘Here We, Here We, Here We Go Forever’
Mister Goblin – ‘Hook In The Eye’
Hannah Rose Kessler – ‘Come Feel Me’
Katy Kirby – ‘Peppermint’
Katie Malco – ‘Cloudbusting’
Alex Bleeker – ‘Reach For My Brain’
Campfire Social – ‘It’s Not Goodbye (To Those We Left Behind)’
Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business – ‘Woman Is A Word’
Talkboy – ‘What The Moon Was Like’
Samantha Crain – ‘Bloomsday’

The 4 o’clock classic: Elvis Costello & The Attractions – ‘Pump It Up’

Field Music – ‘No Pressure’
Men I Trust – ‘Tides’
Shura – ‘Obsession’ (feat. Rosie Lowe)
Gordi & Alex Lahey – ‘Dino’s’
Raveloe – ‘Odd Tree’
Mogwai – ‘Supposedly, We Were Nightmares’
Cassandra Jenkins – ‘Hard Drive’
Debby Friday – ‘Runnin”
Johanna Samuels – ‘Nature’s Way’
The Lounge Society – ‘Cain’s Heresy’
Lost Girls – ‘Menneskekollektivet’


Saturday 13th February 2021

Deap Vally – ‘High Horse’ (feat. Peaches & KT Tunstall)
Dry Cleaning – ‘Strong Feelings’
Hayley Williams – ‘Inordinary’
Steady Holiday – ‘Sunny In The Making’
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – ‘CYHSY, 2005’
Editrix – ‘Instant’
Black Country, New Road – ‘Track X’
Winter – ‘Violet Blue’
Django Django – ‘Headrush’
Potty Mouth – ‘Let Go’
Yung – ‘Lust And Learning’
Julien Baker – ‘Favor’
Iceage – ‘The Holding Hand’

The 4 o’clock classic: Hashim – ‘Al-Naafyish (The Soul)’

SKIA – ‘Hey Boy’
Claud – ‘Falling With The Rain’ (feat. Shelly)
Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum – ‘Airhead’
Middle Kids – ‘Cellophane (Brain)’
Wurld Series – ‘Supplication’
Francis Of Delirium – ‘Let It All Go’
Matt Sweeney & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – ‘Hall Of Death’
Clever Girls – ‘Saturn’
Lime Cordiale – ‘Nobody Takes Me Seriously’
Nightshift – ‘Piece Together’
Holiday Ghosts – ‘Mr Herandi’
Mint Julep – ‘A Rising Song’
Remember Sports – ‘Pinky Ring’
Sarah Neufeld – ‘Stories’


Saturday 6th February 2021

Du Blonde – ‘I’m Glad That We Broke Up’ (feat. Ezra Furman)
Miss Grit – ‘Grow Up To’
Cloud Nothings – ‘Nothing Without You’
The Staves – ‘Failure’
Randolph’s Leap – ‘BMH’
Pictish Trail – ‘Dream Wall’
Laoise – ‘Gravy’
Phantom Handshakes – ‘No Better Plan’
Saintseneca – ‘All You’ve Got Is Everyone’
Lemon Drink – ‘Demon Child’
Sister Wives – ‘Wandering Along / Rwy’n Crwydro’
Kitty Kat Fan Club – ‘Fly So High I See Clear Below’
The Natvral – ‘Why Don’t You Come Out Anymore?’
Sophie – ‘Immaterial’

The 4 o’clock classic: Portishead – ‘Sour Times’

Palehound – ‘How Long’
Daniel Knox – ‘King Of The Ball’
The Weather Station – ‘Parking Lot’
Squid – ‘Narrator’ (feat. Martha Skye Murphy)
Rakky Ripper – ‘Whatever’
Still Corners – ‘Mystery Road’
Christian Vogel – ‘Acido Amigo’
Cobalt Chapel – ‘It’s The End, The End’
Nancy – ‘Clic-Clac’
Buzzy Lee – ‘Strange Town’
Odette – ‘Herald’


Saturday 30th January 2021

Billy Nomates – ‘Heels’
Leah Nobel – ‘Talking To The Dog At The Party’
Xiu Xiu – ‘Bottle Of Rum’ (feat. Liz Harris)
Arlo Parks – ‘Hope’
The Hold Steady – ‘Spices’
Tune-Yards – ‘Hold Yourself’
Pink Grease – ‘Fever’
Sophia Kennedy – ‘Cat On My Tongue’
Yu Su – ‘Futuro’
Wasuremono – ‘I Feel Fine (Hallelujah)’
Julia Stone – ‘We All Have’ (feat. Matt Berninger)
Celeste – ‘Tonight, Tonight’
Danielle Durack – ‘Eggshells’

The 4 o’clock classic: Mint Royale – ‘Don’t Falter’ (feat. Lauren Laverne)

serpentwithfeet – ‘Fellowship’
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – ‘CYHSY, 2005’
Nice Biscuit – ‘Candle’
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘O.N.E.’
Goat Girl – ‘Jazz (In The Supermarket)’
Billie Marten – ‘Garden Of Eden’
Sulka – ‘Hollow Days’
Wyndow – ‘Take My Picture’
The Reds, Pinks and Purples – ‘Don’t Ever Pray In The Church On My Street’
The Notwist – ‘Exit Strategy To Myself’
The Besnard Lakes – ‘New Revolution’
Juliet Quick – ‘Circles’


Saturday 23rd January 2021

Sister Wives – ‘I Fyny Af / Rise’
Barbarossa – ‘Awakeners Awaken Us’
Django Django – ‘Free From Gravity’
Kiwi Jr – ‘Highlights Of 100’
Claud – ‘Cuff Your Jeans’
Still Corners – ‘It’s Voodoo’
Bleach Lab – ‘Old Ways’
Katy Kirby – ‘Juniper’
Firestations – ‘The Circular’
Lande Hekt – ‘Impending Doom’
Geiste – ‘I Just Feel Really Empty Inside All The Time’
Dignan Porch – ‘Pictures’
Anna Leone – ‘Once’
Hand Habits – ‘4th Of July’
Mint Julep – ‘Black Maps
Elkyn – ‘Something’

The 4 o’clock classic: I, Ludicrous – ‘Preposterous Tales’

Speed Stick – ‘Plants’
Wax Tailor – ‘Like This’
Bicep – ‘X’ (feat. Clara La San)
Goat Girl – ‘Badibaba’
Kate Davis – ‘Feels Good’
Cobbler – ‘On Phones’ (feat. Jon McClure)
Adult Mom – ‘Sober’
Midnight Sister – ‘Sirens’
Yard Act – ‘Dark Days’
Rat Tally – ‘Shrug’
Tomahawk – ‘Business Casual’
Gary Numan – ‘Intruder’
Fatima Dunn – ‘L-O-O-Ove’


Saturday 16th January 2021

Mogwai – ‘Ritchie Sacramento’
Orla Gartland – ‘More Like You’
Hugrún – ‘Parasite’
Pom Poko – ‘Danger Baby’
Shame – ‘March Day’
Jazmine Sullivan – ‘Pick Up Your Feelings’
The Notwist – ‘Al Sur’ (feat. Juana Molina)
Julien Baker – ‘Hardline’
Rachika Nayar – ‘The Trembling Of Glass’
Cheekface – ‘Don’t Get Hit By A Car’
Sleaford Mods – ‘All Day Ticket’
Jane Weaver – ‘Heartlow’
Hospital Bracelet – ‘South Loop Summer’
Maxïmo Park – ‘All Of Me’

The 4 o’clock classic: The Presidents Of The United States Of America – ‘Peaches’

Nation Of Language – ‘Deliver Me From Wondering Why’
Blanck Mass – ‘Starstuff’
Virginia Wing – ‘St. Francis Fountain’
Sulka – ‘Porch’
Pom Poko – ‘Cheaters’
Pearl Charles – ‘Only For Tonight’
Las Dianas – ‘Todo El Mundo Miente’
Outlaw Boogie – ‘Dreamz’
SOPHIE – ‘BIPP (Autechre Remix)’
William Doyle – ‘And Everything Changed (But I Feel Alright)’
Hockeysmith – ‘Down Love’
Softcult – ‘Another Bish’
Beach Bunny – ‘Blame Game’
Field Music – ‘Orion From The Street’


Saturday 9th January 2021

Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business – ‘I Am Afraid’
The Besnard Lakes – ‘Feuds With Guns’
Tacsidermi – ‘Gwir’
Lice – ‘Persuader’
The Little Hands Of Asphalt – ‘I Oslo’
Widowspeak – ‘Romeo And Juliet’
Boy Jr – ‘Are They Actually Attractive?’
Waldo Reset – ‘Fallen Tree’
Molly Burch – ‘Emotion’ (feat. Wild Nothing)
Randolph’s Leap – ‘Moment Passed’
Water From Your Eyes – ‘Steppin’ Out’
TV Priest – ‘Press Gang’
3rd Bass – ‘The Gas Face’ (feat. Zev Love X)
MF DOOM – ‘Doomsday’

The 4 o’clock classic: Maxïmo Park – ‘Apply Some Pressure’

Kiwi Jr – ‘Waiting In Line’
Slaughter Beach, Dog – ‘Notes From A Brief Engagement (at the Boot & Saddle)’
Ängie & Tail Whip – ‘Dust’
For Your Health – ‘Save Your Breath, You’re Going To Need It To Blow Your Head Off’
Viagra Boys – ‘Girls & Boys’
Casper Clausen – ‘8 Bit Human’
Exmiranda – ‘Ohmeaa’
Tom Morello & Serj Tankian – ‘Natural’s Not In It’
Alice Glass – ‘Suffer And Swallow’
Sophia Bel – ‘You’re Not Real You’re Just A Ghost’
Buke & Gase / Sõ Percussion – ‘Ancient Tool Gadget’
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – ‘Where They Perform Miracles’
Anavitória – ‘Carvoeiro’


Saturday 26th December 2020

Best of 2020 Part 2 featuring guest co-host picks
Tunng – ‘A Million Colours’
Car Seat Headrest – ‘Deadlines (Thoughtful)’
Jen’s Choice: Liela Moss – ‘Atoms At Me’
Rob’s Choice: Beach Bunny – ‘Promises’
Adam’s Choice: Mac Miller – ‘Good News’
John’s Choice: Arlo Parks – ‘Black Dog’
The Avalanches – ‘Running Red Lights’ (feat. Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu)
Mo’s Choice: Locate S,1 – ‘Even The Good Boys Are Bad’
Dan’s Choice: Caribou – ‘Magpie’
Matt’s Choice: The Beths – ‘Jump Rope Gazers’
Gail’s Choice: SZWÉ – ‘No Justice No Peace’
Fenne Lily – ‘I Used To Hate My Body But Now I Just Hate You’
The Just Joans – ‘Who Does Susan Think She Is’
Shamir – ‘On My Own’
Will Butler – ‘Surrender’
Phoebe Bridgers – ‘I Know The End’

The Offbeat Festive 10:
10) Cornershop – ‘St Marie Under Canon’
9) Lonely Tourist – ‘Tom And The Library’
8) The Cool Greenhouse – ‘Alexa!’
7) Yard Act – ‘Fixer Upper’
6) Sports Team – ‘Here’s The Thing’
5) Coach Party – ‘Bleach’
4) Billy Nomates – ‘No’
3) Public Practice – ‘Compromised’
2) Porridge Radio – ‘7 Seconds’
1) Chemtrails – ‘Uncanny Valley’


Saturday 19th December 2020

Best of 2020 Part 1
Porridge Radio – ‘7 Seconds’
Hen Ogledd – ‘Trouble’
Pom Poko – ‘Andrew’
Fiona Apple – ‘I Want You To Love Me’
Dry Cleaning – ‘Scratchcard Lanyard’
Hannah’s Little Sister – ‘Bin Mouth’
Carla J Easton – ‘Get Lost’
Sufjan Stevens – ‘Video Game’
Sweeping Promises – ‘Hunger For A Way Out’
Public Practice – ‘Compromised’
Taylor Swift – ‘Invisible String’
Habibi – ‘Born Too Late’
Billy Nomates – ‘Call In Sick’
Nation Of Language – ‘On Division Street’
Katy J Pearson – ‘Tonight’
TOPS – ‘I Feel Alive’
I LIKE TRAINS – ‘A Steady Hand’
HMLTD – ‘Blank Slate’
Sister Wives – ‘Sun Will Come / Mi Ddaw Yr Haul’
Braids – ‘Snow Angel’
Jane Weaver – ‘The Revolution Of Super Visions’
Chemtrails – ‘Frightful In The Sunlight’
Joel’s Number 1: Special Interest – ‘All Tomorrow’s Carry’
Steve’s Number 1: Cold Beat – ‘Prism’
Ela Minus – ‘dominique’

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