Iran democracy activists form human chain protest

Hundreds of people from the Iranian community and their supporters gathered at Sheffield Town Hall to form a human chain in solidarity with anti-regime protests in Iran. The demonstration was part of global solidarity demonstrations held in cities across the world including London, Sydney and New York. The protests in Iran followed the death in custody of Mahsa Amini after being arrested by morality police for not wearing a hijab. Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh spoke to Tara Djanani.

Volunteers in Kyiv unpack UK aid

Kyiv-based graphics designer Denis Dekhtiarenko is working with aid charity Go Dharmic to help move aid from the UK to Ukraine. He spoke to Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed together with Hanuman Dass from Go Dharmic.

Ukrainian journalist speaks of fear for safety of family and friends

In an emotional interview, journalist Daria spoke to Sheffield Live! of her fears for family and friends in Kharkiv and eastern Ukraine. Daria is a former reporter with Hromadske Radio, a Kyiv-based independent community radio channel. She was among a group of Ukrainian journalists who, in 2018, took part in a study visit to the UK hosted by Sheffield Live! Hromadske Radio continues to broadcast from Kyiv with news in Ukrainian on the Russian invasion. Azz Mohammed reports.

Anti-war protests held as UK urged to do more on Ukraine

Hundreds joined a Stand With Ukraine protest outside the Town Hall in Sheffield on Sunday in response to the continuing Russian invasion. The war on Ukraine, launched on 24 February, has led to sanctions against the Russian government and fierce resistance from Ukrainians on the ground. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Vasyl Kruk, a Ukrainian residing in Sheffied who spoke at the rally.

Sheffield offers sanctuary and support to Ukraine

Sheffield Council leader Terry Fox, together wth Green Party Councillor Douglas Johnson and opposition leader Shaffaq Mohammed have issued a joint statement standing with the Ukrainian community and offering sanctuary for refugees. Former councillor, Jim Steinke, who has taken part in visits to Sheffield’s twin city Donetsk, called for solidarity with Ukrainians living in Sheffield. Azz Mohammed reports for Sheffield Live!

Sheffield Americans react as new president takes office

Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th US President issuing a call for unity and renewal. In his inaugural speech, he promised to be a president for “all Americans” and urged people to come together. Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh spoke to Rob Speranza and Dr. Anita Franklin, American residents living in Sheffield, about Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President of the United States.

Sheffield vigil for Black Lives Matter

A demonstration in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement is being organised this Saturday in Sheffield by local activists. The vigil is being held in response to the murder by Minnesota police officers of George Floyd which has sparked protests across the USA and worldwide. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to organiser and activist Abdullah Okud.

Communities shocked by Morsi death

Egyptians and the wider Muslim and Arab world have been shocked by the death of Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, who collapsed in court after years in solitary confinement. Alaa Abdellal, an Egyptian resident in Sheffield, spoke to Sheffield Live! of his sorrow at the death of the man who came to power in 2012 after the Arab Spring but was ousted a year later in a military coup, led by General Abdel Fath el Sisi, the current president. Baillor Jalloh reports.

Sheffield campaigners protest Gaza killings

Dozens joined a solidarity protest outside Sheffield Town Hall to raise awareness of the Israeli occupation and killings of unarmed Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The protest was organised by the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!