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Spirit of the Wapentake

Presented by: Bona, Geno D, Sinead
Produced by: Geno D

Wednesday 5 pm - 7 pm

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Wapentake Bar 1980s

Wap Bar View

The Wap, the Buccaneer Bar and Rebels are long gone and some of us may be looking a bit worse for wear, but the Sheffield rock scene is still alive and kicking with great rock pubs and live music venues all over the place.

Wap Crowd Scene

Currently, the metal scene is definitely in the ascendency and whilst not forgetting the heritage left by great bands of the past, we like to cover this new, exciting scene including gig info, reviews, interviews and events,as well. plus having guests on the show.

Olga at Wap 1



Podcasts (also below) are usually available 2 hours after the live show and remain available to listen to or download for about 2 months.



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