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The Live Science Radio Show

Presented by: The Live Science Team
Produced by: The Live Science Team

Saturday 11 am - 12 pm

The ‘Live Science Team’ present the latest Science news relating to the Environment, Sustainability, Astronomy, Technology and Health!

We also have regular guest ‘phone-ins’ with local Speakers who share knowledge about their ‘specialist’ Science related subjects…  

Listen locally on 93.2FM, Freeview Channel 7, Virgin 159 and anywhere else in the world (at any time) on this website!

Podcasts from previous shows can be found below…

3 thoughts on “The Live Science Radio Show

    1. Paul Lizzi

      Amazing track from Bill Nelson – somebody has a great taste in music

    2. Paul

      Great show but missed the happy gardener.😂🇬🇧

    3. Glenn

      Discover a captivating realm of scientific wonders with The Live Science Radio Show by The Live Science Team in Sheffield. This 5-star program presents a kaleidoscope of insights, expertly unravelling complex subjects into accessible discussions. With diverse topics ranging from quantum physics to technological breakthroughs, the hosts’ passion shines through each episode. The show’s exceptional production quality, engaging interviews, and dedication to accuracy make it a beacon of reliable knowledge. At just the click of a button, you’ll embark on a mind-expanding journey that sparks curiosity and critical thinking. For those hungry for intellectual stimulation, The Live Science Radio Show is an enlightening adventure that leaves you pondering the marvels of the universe.

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