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The Live Science Radio Show

Presented by: The Live Science team
Produced by: Graham Marshall and Paul Gregory

Saturday 11 am - 12 pm

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“Science For The People!!!”

Graham and Saturn 5 Rocket


Graham at Kenedy Space Centre dwarfed by the business end of an unused first stage Saturn 5 moon rocket.  The other individuals in shot hadn’t noticed it yet as they  were transfixed by Graham’s shorts.

Presented by a crack team of ‘boffins’ with brains the size of planets…. and Graham… , the Live Science Radio Show is one of Sheffield Live’s newest shows going out live from Studio 1 every Saturday morning 11 till noon.Featuring science news, team discussions, guests, and debate on subjects from Food science through to theoretical Physics.

We also want you .. yes you to be involved. Send us in your science questions and possible topics for discussion and if you already know a bit about the topic, you may end up down here as a guest on the show.

As a group, we know a heck of a lot of stuff and what we don’t know we can speculate about ad infinitum, so we are never left twiddling our thumbs.  From time to time though, we need to rest our  vocal chords, so we do play the occasional piece of music from local musicians and bands, so if that is you, send us in your best tracks and we will air them during the show.

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    1. Paul Lizzi

      Amazing track from Bill Nelson – somebody has a great taste in music

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