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Urban Expression

Presented by: Jose Spinola and Phil Robinson
Produced by: Jose Spinola and Phil Robinson

Tuesday 9 pm - 11 pm

Urban Expression

Presented by Jose Spinola and Phil Robinson

Urban Expression broadcasts every Tuesday from 9-11pm, featuring the best of hip hop underground with Jose Spinola.

Shows feature unsigned artists, shout outs, worldwide hip hop, underground hip hop, news/ rumours, old and new school artists.
Tune in every Tuesday, 9pm – 11pm.

Find the show on facebook:

Get involved: send requests to Phil and Jose through the facebook page

One thought on “Urban Expression

    1. Katie Hutchinson

      Hello just wondering if it’s possible to get a list of the names and bands of the music played between 9pm and 10pm tonight (14/11/23) as my dad really liked the songs and he wants to know the names of the bands. Many thanks great radio station by the way so glad we discovered it, will be listening more frequently. Have a nice night 🙂

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