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Migration Matters Festival launches online celebration

Sheffield’s Migration Matters Festival, the largest Refugee Week festival in the UK, has launched this year as an online celebration of global sanctuary and the positive impact of migration. The festival will feature music, arts, theatre and debate from Sheffield and around the world but all events are to take place online and are free to join. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to festival director Sam Holland.

Businesses count the cost after flood inundation

Businesses hit by the recent flood disaster are counting the costs of repair and replacement as clean up operations continue in flood hit areas. Sheffield Live! spoke to Mark Akid, director of DM Audio, whose sound systems hire business has been left with thousands of pounds worth of damage. Government grants of up to £5,000 have been promised for flood hit businesses but for some the losses are likely to be much greater. Azz Mohammed reports.

Students launch NHS action group

Students at the University of Sheffield have launched an action group to defend the NHS with over 100 students joining since its launch at the start of the university term. Founder and medical student Dan Veness told Sheffield Live! the group plans to work alongside the Sheffield Save Our NHS campaign and has the backing of the Sheffield Students Union. Azz Mohammed reports.

Sheffield author connects black and European cultures

Writer and broadcaster Johny Pitts, who grew up in Firth Park, spoke to Sheffield Live! about Afropean, his recently launched book exploring African and European identities. The book tells a journey of exploration, self reflection and travel focussing on the black European experience and the multiple allegiances of new generations. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Bryony’s delight at Olympic medal success

Sheffield Olympian and silver medal winner Bryony Page contributed to Team GBs record medals tally at Rio 2016 and is the first British woman to win a trampoling medal in the Olympics. Team GB came second place in the Olympics medal table, behind the USA and ahead of China, with 27 gold medals, 23 in silver and 17 in bronze. Bryony first broke into the international spotlight in 2012, winning gold at the World Cup in Sofia. She has since been crowned three times British champion. Paul Greaves, Bryony’s trampolining coach, spoke to Sheffield Live! reporter Shamaan Freeman-Powell.

Corbyn in Sheffield for election rally

Thousands turned out for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership election campaign rally in Sheffield. Corbyn, who is being challenged for the leadership by Pontyprydd MP Owen Smith, addressed around 2500 supporters from the steps of Sheffield City Hall. Issues he spoke to included the housing crisis, saving the NHS, and calls for an inquiry into Orgreave.

Bryony Page trampolining team bouncing with delight

Whilst Bryony Page was winning a trampolining silver medal in Rio, her team mates and training partners were cheering her on at Hillsborough Leisure Centre. The Sheffield University Biology Graduate will shortly be rejoining her colleagues when she returns from the 2016 Games. In the meantime her fellow trampolinists are busy training hard to see if they can match her success. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake went along to a session.

‘No child safe alone with dogs’ warns dog charity founder

No dog should be left alone with a child, according Mavis Goodrich, founder of Sheffield Dog Rescue, following recent deaths from dog attacks in Huddersfield and Essex. Three year old Dexter Neal of Essex was attacked by an American bulldog on Thursday afternoon and died from his injuries. Dexter Neal’s death comes just days after fifty two year old David Ellam was attacked and killed by a dog in Huddersfield.The Dangerous Dog Acts of 2001 highlighted four banned breeds of dog including the Pit Bull Terrier, the Fila Brasiliero, the Dogo Argentino and the Japanese Tosa. Goodrich who founded the Sheffield Dog Rescue charity over thirty years ago believes more needs to be done to ensure that all dogs are provided with loving and caring owners and that no breed of dog should be assumed to safe to be left with a child alone. Interview by Sheffield Live! report Simon Thake.

Children’s Food Trust says ‘Childhood Obesity Strategy’ should go further

Sheffield-based Children’s Food Trust has given a mixed reception to the government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy. It is over a year since the Government introduced the idea of a strategy for tackling obesity from a young age. The plan was described as a game changer that would clamp down on the use of sugar in the products of food and beverage companies. A year later and the published strategy has received a critical reception.

Sheffield Live! reporter Shamaan Freeman-Powell spoke to Children’s Food Trust.

Yorkshire Ripper set for prison transfer

Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper, could be moved to a top security prison within weeks following a mental health tribunal ruling. Sutcliffe has recently been linked again to an attack at Silsden four decades ago and may face further charges. The 70-year-old Bradford serial killer, convicted in 1991 for committed murders across the country including in Sheffield, is set to move out of Broadmoor top security psychiatric hospital and back into jail after a mental health tribunal ruled he was sane enough to do so. The move has to be ratified by the Ministry of Justice, which has confirmed the tribunal’s decision. Sheffield Live! reporter Shamaan Freeman-Powell spoke to crime historian, Richard Cobb.

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