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Olivia Blake seeks to retain Sheffield Hallam for Labour

Deputy Leader of Sheffield Council, Olivia Blake spoke to Sheffield Live! following her campaign launch as prospective parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Hallam. Councillor Blake was announced in December as Labour’s choice to stand in the constituency at the next General Election. The seat is currently held by Jared O’Mara, who won for Labour by ousting former Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg in May 2017. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Student leaders urge young people to register to vote by 22 May deadline

The National Union of Students has launched a major drive to get students and young people registered to vote in the General Election. NUS executive councillor and former Hallam Union officer Hassun El-Zafar, speaking to Sheffield Live!, said the upcoming general election is hugely significant for young people. With young people more politically engaged than for a long time, El-Zafar urged them to register to vote before the deadline of 22 May. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Police and Hallam Union tackle hate crime

South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union have teamed up to tackle hate crime in the city. Students and university staff are often reluctant to call in the police when confronted with hate crime. Hallam Union is working with the police to tackle these issues and to help police to communicate with students and staff where necessary. Azz Mohammed reports for Sheffield Live!

Sheffield student shares tips on eating disorder

In support of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Sheffield Hallam University student Jessica Mell has spoken of her own personal struggle with food and how she addressed the problem. Jessica is studying Nutrition and Public Health at Sheffield Hallam University and is also President of the Mental Health Society at Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Freshers week welcome for new Hallam students

Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union have arranged a full week of events to welcome new students to the city. Sports fairs, society fairs and volunteering fairs are all designed to give freshers an insight into university life and provide opportunities to make friends and meet like minded people. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Freshers week begins in Sheffield

Sheffield this week will welcome a fresh batch of students to the city as Sheffield Hallam hold it’s freshers week, it’s an exciting but daunting new experiences for young adults who have come to university to broaden their education and Sheffield Live went down to Monday’s freshers fair to chat to those at Hallam who are looking to help these students settle in..

Nick Clegg in Sheffield

By Amna Kaleem

Nick Clegg is received by Paul Scriven and angry protestors as he arrives at the Town Hall

Nick Clegg is received by Paul Scriven and angry protesters as he arrives at the Town Hall


Nick Clegg’s latest visit to Sheffield attracted the kind of attention politicians shy away from.

On September 3, trade unionists and campaigners gathered outside the Town Hall to protest public spending cuts and remind Clegg of the promises he had made before the general elections. The protest was organised to coincide with the launching ceremony of Opportunity Sheffield, where Nick Clegg was the guest speaker.

On his arrival at the Town Hall, Clegg was greeted with the chants of ‘Judas’, a reception quite different from the one he got at Barker’s Pool just a few months back.

Speaking to Sheffield Live! the Hallam MP answered questions about Forgemasters loan, his constituency home and the charge that he has betrayed Sheffield.

Video: Angry protestors welcome Nick Clegg