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Climate campaigners protest outside Barclays Bank

Members of Extinction Rebellion and Palestine Action held a demonstration outside Barclays Bank on Pinstone Street to protest against what they describe as climate crimes and injustices of greedy businesses. The two groups accuse the banking giant of investing heavily in fossil fuel and providing investment and loans to arms companies selling weapons and military technology to Israel that are used against unarmed Palestinians. Sheffield Live! Baillor Jalloh spoke to Steph Howlett and Randeep Samra.

Students call for action on Palestinian rights

Students and Palestinian solidarity activists marked the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People by holding a rally outside Sheffield Hallam University. Demonstrators backed the international boycott campaign which calls for action against companies that profit from discrimination against Palestinians and from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Yazan Khader, of the University of Sheffield Palestine Society.

Protests continue over no-deal-Brexit threat

Hundreds of protestors gathered at Barker’s Pool for the second weekend in a row to oppose the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend Parliament and continue his threat to exit the EU on 31 October without a deal. The demonstration and march from Barker’s Pool to Devonshire Green was organised by campaign group Another Europe is Possible. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Pensioners protest TV licence fee charges

BBC studios across the UK, including Sheffield, have been the site of demonstrations as pensioners take action to protest against proposals to end free TV licences for the over 75s. Under proposals from the BBC only those in receipt of pension credit would remain eligible for free TV licences with others required to pay the £154.50 per year fee to watch television. Campaigners are seeking to reverse the decision announced a month ago which is set to come in to affect by 2020 and could affect around 3.7 million pensioners. Sheffield Live spoke to the secretary of Sheffield Pensioners Action Group Jaqui Milner.

Football protest against deportations

Sheffield amateur football team Mount Pleasant Park FC staged a peaceful demonstration and football match outside Vulcan House, the Home Office immigration centre in Sheffield. The team were joined by supporters, campaigners and those affected by detention and deportation threats. The action was organised in support of These Walls Must Fall’campaign against immigration detention. Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh spoke to Bevan Richardson, of Mount Pleasant Park FC.

School students launch youth rights campaign

A group of Sheffield students from King Edward VII school have launched a campaign under the banner Our Own Rights with a demonstration outside the Town Hall. The campaigners are calling for young people’s views to be heard on issues and decisions affecting their lives. Baillor jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Campaigners mount Universal Credit protest

A new local campaign group have launched a call to end the roll out of Universal Credit with a demonstration held outside the Department for Work and Pensions headquarters in Sheffield. Campaigners from Sheffield Stop and Scrap Universal Credit argue that the new benefit arrangements are leaving some people as much as £50 per week worse off. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to the campaign’s acting chair Martin Mayer.

Sheffield protests over Stansted 15 convictions

Demonstrations have been held in Sheffield and across the UK in support of 15 human rights activists who were convicted last week on terror offences after preventing a deportation plane from leaving Stansted airport. The Sheffield protests were held outside the Home Office building at Millsands and also marked International Migrants Day which is observed on 18 December by the United Nations. The Stansted 15 activists locked themselves around a Boeing 767 chartered to return undocumented migrants to Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone and held a banner proclaiming “mass deportations kill”. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Michael Collins of the Right To Remain campaign.