Rave Against Racism at the The Corporation

On Sunday the 24th of May, a special “Rave Against Racism” three stage event will be taking place at “The Corporation” here in Sheffield, with a headline set from The Orb.

All proceeds from the event will be going to straight to Sheffield Live! helping us to continue providing a an eclectic mix of original programming by local people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Rave Against Racism is a non-profit organisation that raises awareness around the issues surrounding the far-right and supports community groups and individuals around the world. It was set up in January 2009 to help and support promoters, clubbers and ravers in the ongoing fight against the far right in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. The people involved have a long history of free parties, being promoters or punters and an interest in anti far-right politics and activism. We want to help support people who may well be turned off by mainstream politics to get involved in the local community groups that are in their area and if needs, help them setting up their own groups. Our primary focus is Anti Fascism and raising awareness and having a damn good time whilst doing so. We want to encourage people to meet and mix and share ideas and ideals whether online or out in the real world.

The bands take to the stage from 9pm and the event runs till 4am. Tickets are priced at £12 and can be purchased online through the Corporation website.

UPDATE: You can now view pictures from this event at our Image Gallery

Rave Against Racism Advert


The Line Up

Live Arena

The Orb ( LIVE with Visual Show )
Mixmaster Morris ( Big Chill / Ninja Tune / Samurai FM / Irresistible Force )
Celt Islam featuring Bongo Chilli + Danman  LIVE  ( Kritical Mass Records  /  Lone Trader Records)
Alphadrive LIVE ( R.A.R. )
Ann-D ( Headcharge / R.A.R. )
Lady Muckcedes + Mr Benz ( Sunshine Girls / R.A.R. )
Urban Truffle ( Chimp Makes Noise / R.A.R. )

Arena 2

Mixmaster Morris ( Big Chill / Ninja Tune / Samurai FM / Irresistible Force )
Oris Jay / Darqwan ( Texture UK )
Mikey J ( Tuesday Club )
Alex Deadman + MC Walker ( Junglist Alliance / Dark Crystal / R8 Records )
Fattasound ( Dubcentral / Universal HiFi )
Si Cheese ( Dirty Cheese )
DJ Disorientalist ( Disoriental / R.A.R. )

Arena 3

A+D+A+M Lab4 ( LIVE with Laser Show )
Space Sentinelz ( Headcharge / Twisted Traxx / R.A.R. )
Kam-Pain ( Headcharge / Easy Skankin’ Records / R.A.R. )
Freaktechnique (  Headcharge / R.A.R. )
Kickflip ( Urban Gorilla / Headcharge / Fat Records / R.A.R. )
John Wainwright ( Headcharge / Likebreaks / R.A.R. )
Geenius ( Headcharge / Likebreaks / R.A.R. )