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Alien Ant Farm at Corporation reviewed

It’s a brand new year and what better way to start it off than by travelling back over a decade to see an old favourite play a sell out show at Sheffield’s biggest alternative venue, Corporation?

Playing through their platinum (US) selling album ANThology, this was a nostalgia party that everybody was invited to.

Corp immediately became a swarming hive of activity fuelled by the previous performances by the wonderful Dirty Youth and INME. Passionate and eager, we were psyched up and ready for AAF to arrive on stage. 

The performance given by Mitchell, Cosgrove, Corso and Peugh was nothing short of how I would have imagined it when I first heard “Movies” on Kerrang TV. Feeling somewhat sentimental and ecstatic in unison,  I think I can speak for most people who attended that evening when I say that this gig was something pretty special.

The crowd were absolutely insatiable throughout the entire set and the showmanship was simply incredible, from track 1 all the way to 14, and what better way to close the show than by playing their hugely successful cover of Michael Jacksons’ “Smooth Criminal.”

The band were truly on form and performed to an exceptional level, I’m sure this experience will be a memorable one that will stay with people for a long time.

Follow Corporation nightclub on Twitter for event updates! – @Corpsheffield

Our Big Gig – funding available to organise music events

Our Big Gig, a community music celebration which will take place across the UK from the 11 – 13 July 2014, has grants and support available for event organisers who wish to programme community events.

Funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government, Our Big Gig will “see the country once again come together to celebrate local music at community events, showcase new and existing talent and give people the opportunity to have a go at making music.”

For 2014, all types of community organisations are being urged to apply to put on an event in their local area and bring together diverse groups of people through music. All successful applicants receive grant funding and event management training is provided.

Organised by music and arts organisation Superact, this annual event – which was formerly known as the Bandstand Marathon – “brings communities together to improve community cohesion and inspire more people to take part in music making opportunities in their local area.”

Superact is looking for 150 event organisers to run events across England. All successful applicants are given a £400 grant, support from Superact’s Project Managers and event management training.

Application details and criteria:

  • Applicants can apply to put on a new community event or an established event scheduled for a date between the 11th and 13th July
  • Superact can only provide funding to community organisations with a bank account
  • All events need to: be at least four hours long; be free to attend; present opportunities for people to participate in a range of musical activities.The deadline for applications is 12 noon on 4th April 2014
  • Read more at: http://www.superact.org.uk/ourbiggig/our-big-gig-2014

Gig review: The Twang, Leadmill, 28/02/14

Unfortunately due to work commitments I was unable to see the support acts, writes music-loving Sheffield Live listener, volunteer and gig correspondent Jade Knox, but I arrived promptly for 9:15 to see Birmingham six-piece The Twang.

I was a little concerned when I walked towards the venue to see five police vans, two horses and a handful of police cars but nothing terrible seemed to be occurring.

The atmosphere from the moment I walked in was like nothing I’d witnessed at a gig before, it had the air of a football match more than a music performance with a lot of testosterone and chanting. There were more windbreakers and track jackets than an Oasis fan club and I can imagine the venue took a good amount of money on just Red Stripe alone.

I was glad to see a great variance in the age of fans; this certainly just wasn’t a gig for just the young ‘uns. Despite being stood almost at the back the whole room was filled to the brim so I still got a taste for being amongst the crowds.

The band kicked off and so did the fans, with general rowdy excitement which I’m certain was harmless. This kind of hooligan, Britpop subculture is one that I’d never seen besides on television but it is very present and definitely didn’t die in the 90’s.

It was a little scary that vocalist and guitarist Phil Etheridge made an announcement during the gig to “keep the peace” which suggested to me there had been a couple of incidents at previous venues during the tour. From what I could tell the rowdiness was just alcohol induced enthusiasm and passion, boys lifted girls on to their shoulders and everybody got together to celebrate the music.

Martin Saunders looked like he was having the most amazing time of his life and was easily comparable to a modern day Bez, The Twang actually had a very Happy Mondays vibe in several ways.

Musically the group did not disappoint playing the most popular tracks mixed in with some new material; everybody seemed to adore the set. It was a great performance and I eagerly await the release of their new album N E O N T W A NG on the 10th of March.

Sour Cherry offer a sweet taste of local music to Sheffield Food Festival

Local band Sour Cherry will be performing for food enthusiasts attending this year’s Sheffield Food Festival, during the weekend of 20th-22nd September. The festival will be covering a variety of locations within Sheffield City Centre, including Fargate, Town Hall Square, Sheffield Hallam University, the Winter Garden and the Peace Gardens.

Sheffield Food Festival is an exciting urban food festival which showcases the very best of the city’s local food producers. Last year more than 184,000 people visited the city centre during the Sheffield Food Festival weekend.

The event is free to attend and suitable for all the family. Come along to the Peace Gardens to see local bands and artists performing throughout the weekend, and maybe even take part in sports club activities which will also be showcased on the music stage. Take part in cooking workshops, watch local chefs at work and try something new at various stalls and locations throughout the city centre.

Sour Cherry, a four-piece pop act from Sheffield, say they are delighted to be performing at Sheffield Food Festival.

Lead singer Kortni said “We can’t wait to perform at such an exciting event, I attended last year and the atmosphere was great.”

The band have performed at many prestigious establishments such as the O2 Academy in Sheffield, Don Valley Bowl, Sheffield City Hall and most recently at Tramlines Festival. Sour Cherry will be performing on Sunday 22nd September on the music stage situated at the Peace Gardens at 6:30pm.

Other acts performing include local band Littlecrazy who will be doing an unplugged set, Broken Saints, Splinters Theatre Group, Ruby Macintosh, Soul Love Inc , Chloe-Jade Simmons and many more.

Sheffield Live picks from ‘best ever’ Tramlines

Tramlines (photo courtesy of Tramlines organisers)

Tramlines (photo: Tramlines organisers)

Thousands of music lovers from inside and outside Sheffield enjoyed a lineup of over five hundred performers at this weekend’s fifth Tramlines festival.

And Sheffield Live presenters and volunteers got stuck into Tramlines – through advance interviews, performing at and organising gigs, and getting along to enjoy and to interview, artists performing at the three day festival held across outdoor stages and over 60 venues throughout Sheffield.

The music extravaganza, formerly free to attend, this year introduced charges (£6 per day or £15 for the whole weekend) for access to the main stages, to cover reductions in council funding and falls in sponsorship. But the festival, which cost around £390,000 to organise in 2012, continued to offer a huge amount of free venues – including a large stage in the Peace Gardens.

DJ Cardiac, presenter of Sheffield Live!’s Drop the Funk Drop the Bass show (every Sunday, 1-3pm), said: “a good weekend and nice to see the whole of Sheffield out and coming together for good music and good vibes.” Check out DJ Cardiac’s new Tramlines Jungle & D&B Mix here.

Graham Marshall, co-presenter of Spirit of the Wapentake (Wednesdays, 5-7pm), said: Jungle Lion in the Peace Gardens absolutely nailed it – we had a good old boogie to them. Firesuite at the Dove and Rainbow, and the Everly Pregnant Brothers playing the crowd at the Fat Cat were my highlights too.”

Payroll Union (photo: Jamie Veitch)

Payroll Union

Jamie Veitch commented “The Folk Forest at Endcliffe Park – organised for Tramlines by co-operative Regather – had a brilliant and family friendly vibe. The arts and crafts workshops and independent stalls added to the atmosphere.

“Weston Park, programmed by Big Live Event, was packed with families enjoying music, stalls and funfair rides too. Our Folk Forest and Weston Park highlights were Neil McSweeney, See Emily Play, Barrule and Payroll Union – all utterly superb.

“Sad to miss Wolf Alice, Jim Jones Revue and David J. Roch – but the downside of Tramlines is you can’t be in two places at once!”

See Emily Play: Emily Ireland & the Stannington Brass Band (photo: Jamie Veitch)

Emily Ireland & the Stannington Brass Band (photo: Jamie Veitch)

Emily Ireland (See Emily Play) played on Saturday afternoon in the bandstand at Weston Park with the Stannington Brass Band (and treated the audience to a solo singing and piano playing encore).

Emily told Jamie after her performance:

“Tramlines is one of my favourite weekends of the whole year…everybody comes together and there’s a real feeling of community and everybody is part of making it awesome – and it’s so nice to play to.”

Neil McSweeney, who has played every Tramlines, told Jamie Veitch “I thought it was great…I’ve done Tramlines every year but I’ve never played the Folk Forest before and I’ve always wanted to because I’ve come down here and really enjoyed the vibe…and I really enjoyed doing it…to come down and play with a whole bunch of people was a nice thing to do.”

Carl Watkins, of Dimond Ranks (one of several bands in which Spirit of the Wapentake‘s co-presenter Sinead Rankin performs) and Jungle Lion, did 2 gigs on Saturday. Carl told Jamie that “the crowd just went absolutely wild, really good atmosphere…the stage was running really smoothly, the sound was really good…absolutely fantastic…really good Tramlines…I felt the vibe everywhere.”

Dale Le Fevre – playful advocate of New Games, and presenter of the Max Chance Show (Tuesdays, 5pm) – ran four New Games sessions as part of the activities within the Folk Forest. Dale said, “this year was fantastic and better than last year with many adults and children keen to participate in the New Games sessions.”

John Smith (photo: Jamie Veitch)

John Smith

Max Munday, presenter of Mouthpiece on Sheffield Live every Wednesday, 9-11am, commented: “There was a massive network of free gigs from pubs and bars to empty warehouses and even a ‘forest’! I spent a lovely hour bathed in the haunting vocals of John Smith, a singer/songwriter from Devon who headlined the Endcliffe Park, ‘Folk Forest’ stage on Sunday evening.

“My highlight though was an incredible audio and visual installation piece in the Millennium Gallery, titled ‘Sleep Walk City’ that combined the epic electronic talents of 65 Days Of Static with projected imagery exploring the city and the political currents of repression and protest that inhabit public spaces. Music from the installation will appear on the Sheffield band’s forthcoming album when it is released in November.”

Max interviewed John Smith for Mouthpiece – listen to it this Wednesday, 24th July at 930am on 93.2fm or through our livestream, or get the podcast afterwards here (24/07/2013 / 9am edition).

Young Music‘s Natalie and Oli (co-presenters on the Local Talent Show – Fridays 4-5pm) organised a special invite-only gig for under 19s as part of the Virtual Community Network. They put 3 young bands forward: Trust Within; The Indigos; and The Yellow Van Man Band. Streamed live online (and available here) with Tramlines branding, this was a fantastic opportunity for the young bands – who had a great time.

Oli’s other Tramlines top pics were Counting Coins in the Bowery (“absolutely loved them”), Scrim and Drop Dead Angus who played at West Street Live, and DJ Seb Wildblood.

South Yorkshire Police praised the tens of thousands of visitors to the festival after the weekend passed off without trouble. Superintendent Shaun Morley said “Thanks to the help of everyone in Sheffield this weekend, we have seen a reduction in an average weekend’s alcohol-related antisocial behaviour and fewer overall incidents of criminality.”

It’s estimated that this year’s Tramlines attracted an additional 70,000 visitors to the city.

Tramlines Festival Director Sarah Nulty said: “A huge thank you to everyone who attended and made it a truly wonderful event. The fantastic weather on Friday set everyone in a great mood which lasted across the site all weekend. Musically it was a great year for Tramlines with so many talented artists on the bill. Through Tramlines we get to showcase exactly what Sheffield has to offer and we’re very proud of it.”

What next?

Cornucopia Live: The Performances!


Well, we did it! On Saturday the 30th of October, as part of the ‘Off the Shelf’ festival, the ‘Cornucopia Radio Show’ was broadcast live from the Sheffield Winter Gardens, for 6 hours between 11am and 5pm.

The day featured poets, storytellers, comedians, performers, actors, musicians, singers and local amateur dramatic groups. Yes, it was a little chaotic (let there be no doubt about that!) but it was also pretty amazing, because amazing is the thing we do best!

Click here for an image gallery featuring every performer or click on the audio player below to listen to each and every act (and if you want to download them as individual mp3s click here)

And if you’d like to get involved in any of our future live events or help with the recording of our studio pieces, then our email address would be a good place to start: studio@cornucopia-radio.co.uk, or if that’s too hard, just try visiting the website.

Highlights From the Dronfield Festival

In 1999 John & Jackie Aspinall were having a party to celebrate 25 years of marriage. Not one to do things by halves, John decided to combine his 2 biggest loves, his wife and music! Dronfield’s football pitch was hired for the day, a stage was built and umpteen bands were invited to come and play. The ‘Party on the Pitch’ as it was known was a massive success with a guest list of over 1000 people, all of whom helped to contribute to charity by donating in the buckets around the ground.

It soon became apparent that a day this good was worth re-creating and so year after year John has put massive amounts of time and effort into bringing the Dronfield Charity Music Festival to life. The success of the festival can be measured by its contributions to numerous Dronfield and Sheffield based charities; with the total funds raised over the years now totalling over £25,000.

Just a few days ago the 11th ‘Dronfield Music Festival‘ took place at the ‘Carr Lane Recreational Ground‘ and Sheffield Live! was there; broadcasting live for the entire afternoon, bringing you all the live music and interviews from this amazing multi-stage event, presented by our intrepid DJ’s: Paul Tansley and Kevin Resley.

But if you missed it don’t worry, as we’ve put together this special podcast, which we hope will bring you all the highlights from this wonderful day, direct to your computer speakers.

[audio:http://web.sheffieldlive.org/wpress/audio/dronfield festival.mp3|titles=The Dronfield Festival|artists=Paul Tansley and Kevin Resley.]

We would also like to thank “Taylor Taylor Hairdressing” for sponsoring this live broadcast. The aim of their premier hair salons is simple: to ensure that every one of their clients receives an experience beyond expectation, leaving the salon looking and feeling fantastic.

Rave Against Racism at the The Corporation

On Sunday the 24th of May, a special “Rave Against Racism” three stage event will be taking place at “The Corporation” here in Sheffield, with a headline set from The Orb.

All proceeds from the event will be going to straight to Sheffield Live! helping us to continue providing a an eclectic mix of original programming by local people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Rave Against Racism is a non-profit organisation that raises awareness around the issues surrounding the far-right and supports community groups and individuals around the world. It was set up in January 2009 to help and support promoters, clubbers and ravers in the ongoing fight against the far right in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. The people involved have a long history of free parties, being promoters or punters and an interest in anti far-right politics and activism. We want to help support people who may well be turned off by mainstream politics to get involved in the local community groups that are in their area and if needs, help them setting up their own groups. Our primary focus is Anti Fascism and raising awareness and having a damn good time whilst doing so. We want to encourage people to meet and mix and share ideas and ideals whether online or out in the real world.

The bands take to the stage from 9pm and the event runs till 4am. Tickets are priced at £12 and can be purchased online through the Corporation website.

UPDATE: You can now view pictures from this event at our Image Gallery

Rave Against Racism Advert


The Line Up

Live Arena

The Orb ( LIVE with Visual Show )
Mixmaster Morris ( Big Chill / Ninja Tune / Samurai FM / Irresistible Force )
Celt Islam featuring Bongo Chilli + Danman  LIVE  ( Kritical Mass Records  /  Lone Trader Records)
Alphadrive LIVE ( R.A.R. )
Ann-D ( Headcharge / R.A.R. )
Lady Muckcedes + Mr Benz ( Sunshine Girls / R.A.R. )
Urban Truffle ( Chimp Makes Noise / R.A.R. )

Arena 2

Mixmaster Morris ( Big Chill / Ninja Tune / Samurai FM / Irresistible Force )
Oris Jay / Darqwan ( Texture UK )
Mikey J ( Tuesday Club )
Alex Deadman + MC Walker ( Junglist Alliance / Dark Crystal / R8 Records )
Fattasound ( Dubcentral / Universal HiFi )
Si Cheese ( Dirty Cheese )
DJ Disorientalist ( Disoriental / R.A.R. )

Arena 3

A+D+A+M Lab4 ( LIVE with Laser Show )
Space Sentinelz ( Headcharge / Twisted Traxx / R.A.R. )
Kam-Pain ( Headcharge / Easy Skankin’ Records / R.A.R. )
Freaktechnique (  Headcharge / R.A.R. )
Kickflip ( Urban Gorilla / Headcharge / Fat Records / R.A.R. )
John Wainwright ( Headcharge / Likebreaks / R.A.R. )
Geenius ( Headcharge / Likebreaks / R.A.R. )

‘The Shakespeare’ Benefit Gig: 9th of May

On Saturday 9th May The Shakespeare public house and Sheffield Live! 93.2FM are teaming up to host an amazing variety of superb Sheffield based acts, including:

Johnny and the “Prison Didn’t Help” Boys

Bell Hagg Orkestar

King Capisce

& Sun

Plus if you’re lucky; a few special surprises…

Doors open at 8 PM, performances start at 8:30.

Tickets can be bought on the evening, £7 (waged), £5 (not waged), but if you want to assure your place or want information, call 07818 288 092.