Peace in the Park: 6th June 2009

“Peace in the Park” is a one day free festival which promotes peace and understanding by bringing together communities through artistic, musical and vocal expression. The festival takes place this Saturday, the 6th June from 12pm until 8pm, at the Ponderosa Park in Sheffield

Peace in the Park is organised by a group of artists, musicians, students, events organisers and other everyday Sheffield folk, working together in a not for profit collective. Peace in the Park has been running for five years and each year collects money for nominated charities. This year, the local good cause is Nomad Homeless Advice and Support which offers advice, support and practical help to people in housing need  across Sheffield. The international good cause is Village Aid, supporting a number of small scale projects in West Africa.

For much more information and stage times visit the Peace in the Park website. The team behind ‘Peace in The Park’ also have a weekly show on Sheffield Live! every Monday at 6pm. Click below to listen to their lastest broadcast:

Peace in The Park

2 thoughts on “Peace in the Park: 6th June 2009

    1. kano

      supa duppa!!

    2. Meron Ghebre

      I am a student in Abbeydale Grange and I have few questions I would like the organizer of the festival to answer please.

      1. How is your festival funded?
      2.Who are your target audience?
      3.What’s your artistic policy?
      4.How are the programmes generated?

      Thank you very for your time

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