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City Hall rally for university staff strike

Thousands took part in a rally outside City Hall in support of strike action called by staff from Sheffield’s two universities and from other higher education institutions across the country. Staff at both of universities are taking action for better pay and working conditions, with many complaining about excessive workloads. University of Sheffield staff are also taking action for improved pensions. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Jane Fearon, branch secretary for the University College Union at Sheffield Hallam.

Businesses count the cost after flood inundation

Businesses hit by the recent flood disaster are counting the costs of repair and replacement as clean up operations continue in flood hit areas. Sheffield Live! spoke to Mark Akid, director of DM Audio, whose sound systems hire business has been left with thousands of pounds worth of damage. Government grants of up to £5,000 have been promised for flood hit businesses but for some the losses are likely to be much greater. Azz Mohammed reports.

Students call for action on Palestinian rights

Students and Palestinian solidarity activists marked the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People by holding a rally outside Sheffield Hallam University. Demonstrators backed the international boycott campaign which calls for action against companies that profit from discrimination against Palestinians and from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Yazan Khader, of the University of Sheffield Palestine Society.

Support project puts new focus on homelessness

Local charities and Sheffield Council have come together in the Help Us Help project to improve awareness and understanding of services and support for the homeless and those begging on the streets. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Tracey Ford of the Drug and Alcohol Coordination Team at Sheffield Council.

Voter registration deadline approaches for General Election

Over 1 million people have registered to vote in the last week alone as the 26 November deadline approaches. To vote in a UK general election you must be 18 or over on the day of the election, be a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen and resident at an address in the UK (or a British citizen living abroad who has been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years), and not be legally excluded from voting. You can only vote once, but if you are a student, you can register at both your university and home address.

Polling station

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Conservatives criticise Corbyn for neutral position on Brexit

UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, criticised Jeremy Corbyn for his neutral stance on a future Brexit referendum if Labour wins the next general election. Speaking to Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed , after the special party leaders’ edition of BBC Question Time, Raab said: “How can you claim to be a leader and stay neutral on the biggest issue affecting this country in this election?” Corbyn has said acting as an “honest broker” was a “sensible way forward”.