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Lifestyle changes could aid a green recovery

Lifestyle and behaviour changes during lockdown including reduced travel and lower consumption could, if sustained, aid a green recovery, according to environmental experts. Anna Hawkins, lecturer in environmental social science at Sheffield Hallam University, told Sheffield Live! that individual changes such as eating less meat and travelling less can benefit the environment but structural changes are also needed by large organisations. Beth Gavaghan reports.

Orchard Square mural open to public

Sheffield University graduate and illustrator Will Rea has unveiled the results of his commission to transform Sheffield’s Orchard Square with a major public artwork. Rea and his team have created a 50 metre long mural on a three storey building. Rea’s friend and filmmaker Andrew Bainbridge captured the work in process. Sheffield Live ! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Will Rea and Andrew Bainbridge about the project.

Campaign to raise deafblind awareness

Deafblind awareness week aims to increase understanding of deafblindness and to make life better for people who have both sight and hearing loss. Deafblind UK estimates over 400,000 people in the UK have some degree of deafblindness and face related challenges in communication and access to information. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Jon Lehan, outreach officer for Deafblind UK.

Windrush celebrated but racism persists

The third National Windrush Day marks the 72nd year since a generation of African Caribbean migrants arrived in Britain to help rebuild the post war economy. Many went on to work in transport and other public services as well in the steel and coal industries but also faced racism, which sadly still persists as the Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted. Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh spoke to Rob Cotterell, chair of Sheffield and District African Caribbean Centre, SADACCA.

Orgreave justice campaign holds virtual rally for 36th anniversary

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign organised a virtual rally attended by 100s of activists to mark 36 years since the events known as the Battle of Orgreave during the 1984/85 miners’ strike. Although many involved have since passed away the campaign is continuing its call for a public inquiry into the events of June 1984 when miners were assaulted and arrested by police on charges later dropped after allegations emerged of fabricated evidence and police brutality. The virtual rally included speakers from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and Justice4Grenfell. Sheffield Live! reporter spoke to Chris Peace, event organiser and activist with Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

UnShut arts festival launches virtual events programme

Sheffield’s UnShut Festival of Performance is set to launch a three day virtual events programme of radical and experimental new performance art, online, by post and in the streets. UnShut began as a theatre festival in Sheffield in 2017 and is now home to an array of new talent which is to be showcased in the first week of July. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Lydia Cottrell, marketing officer for UnShut Festival.

Homelessness concerns as lockdown eases

Sheffield Council in cooperation with local charities have assisted homeless people with temporary accommodation during the coronavirus lockdown. Charities are now turning their attention to the support needed to avoid those placed in accommodation returning to rough sleeping when the temporary arrangements come to an end. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Daryl Bishop, chief executive officer of Ben’s Centre for Vulnerable People.

Vast majority comply with mask rules for public transport

As part of the easing of the coronavirus lockdown face coverings have become compulsory to wear on buses, trams and trains with transport bosses reporting the vast majority are respecting the new rules. Bus services in Sheffield have had to adapt to additional Covid-19 guidelines to maintain social distance rules and to maintain enhanced cleaning regimes. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Nigel Eggleton, managing director for First South Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Football season returns behind closed doors

Sheffield United will be kicking off the return of the football season with an away match against Aston Villa to be shown on TV but without fans in the stadium. The Football Association has decided to recommence games rather than end the season early but stadium doors will remain closed for the time being. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to sports journalist and broadcast presenter Alan Biggs.

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