Trampolining springs into action in Sheffield

A new programme designed for young trampoline gymnasts and potential Olympic athletes has been launched in Sheffield.

A group of budding gymnasts who have taken part in SIV’s new trampolining programme

A group of budding gymnasts who have taken part in SIV’s new trampolining programme

Sheffield International Venues (SIV) has introduced a new trampolining programme to attract hundreds of youngsters to the sport with discounted ‘try to’ sessions and expert coaching.

The ‘try to’ sessions will take place at Concord Sports Centre and Springs Leisure Centre. People of all abilities are encouraged to give trampolining a go at just £2 per session.

Paul Greaves, head coach for trampolining at SIV, said: “We are looking to expand the sport across Sheffield, and I hope that the ‘try to’ sessions get many youngsters hooked on the sport.”

Following on from the discounted sessions, SIV will launch a proficiency scheme which will be dedicated to children’s sporting development.

Paul added: “Anyone that is identified as talented will be placed into our elite squads, and this new scheme will ensure that children’s development is monitored closely by me and our other trampolining coaches.

“This creates an avenue to the elite tier of the sport for all, even if they have never tried the sport before. I would encourage all youngsters to just give it a go, you never know where it may lead you.

“Sheffield could even produce another Olympic gold medallist.”

Paul has recently been appointed as head coach for trampolining at SIV, and he has aided in the development of some of the country’s finest competitors including Bryony Page, who was crowned 2013 Senior British Champion last month at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena.

Trampolining is currently offered across a number of SIV venues, including Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Hillsborough Leisure Centre and Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre.

Existing facilities at Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre are due to be fully revamped within the next two years.

What next?

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