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Bus service cuts prompt public ownership call

Passengers’ anger at bus service reductions in Walkley and Hillsborough has led to calls for bus services to be returned to the control of local authorities. Hillsborough councillor George Lindars-Hammond told Sheffield Live! that rising fares and cuts in services were unacceptable and that the private companies responsible should be brought into public ownership. Azz Mohammed reports.

WorkingWin health-led employment scheme launched

A health-led employment trial called ‘WorkingWin’, and running across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, held its official launch event with already over 1,000 people referred. The trial aims to provided supported assistance to help people back to work. The launch event was attended by Dan Jarvis, Sheffield City Region mayor, and Sarah Newton, minister for disabled people, health and work. Azz Mohammed reports for Sheffield Live!

Young bus users offered first time advice

As the new academic year kicks off, bus operator Stagecoach Yorkshire are providing tips and advice to help parents prepare their children for bus travel to and from school. The campaign is aimed at schoolchildren who will be catching buses for the first time on their own. Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh spoke to John Young, commercial director for Stagecoach Yorkshire.

Anti-fracking protest in Eckington

Hundreds of residents took part in an anti-fracking march this weekend from Mosborough to the Butchers Arms on Marsh Lane, Eckington. The march was organised to demonstrate against plans by oil and chemicals company Ineos to start exploring shale gas reserves in North Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Project Nova to support ex-Forces personnel in South Yorkshire

Project Nova is an initative of ex-Forces charity Walking With The Wounded to support former military personnel who have entered police custody. First launched in East Anglia in 2014, it is delivered in partnership with RFEA, the Forces Employment Charity (RFEA). Project Nova reports that veterans engaged with the programme have a re-offending rate within a year of just 4 per cent, compared to 46 per cent of adults released from prison as a whole.

Young people learn to make robots

Young people from Barnsley got the chance to make and programme robots from scratch alongside Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro at Sheffield Centre for Robotics.  Professor Ishiguro is famous for making cutting edge, human like robots in his own image.

Food Injustice in South Yorkshire

Child hunger, the need for food banks and access to locally sourced food are some of the issues effecting South Yorkshire, that were discussed,  at a locally held event.  The conference looked at food security and food justice which wants all  food to be be safe, healthy, affordable,  culturally appropriate and accessible to everyone.

Happy Diwali

Thursday saw hundreds of people gathering in Sheffield to celebrate Diwali,  the Festival of Lights. Candles are lit and there is singing, dancing and fireworks to mark the occasion.

Nick Clegg in Sheffield

By Amna Kaleem

Nick Clegg is received by Paul Scriven and angry protestors as he arrives at the Town Hall

Nick Clegg is received by Paul Scriven and angry protesters as he arrives at the Town Hall


Nick Clegg’s latest visit to Sheffield attracted the kind of attention politicians shy away from.

On September 3, trade unionists and campaigners gathered outside the Town Hall to protest public spending cuts and remind Clegg of the promises he had made before the general elections. The protest was organised to coincide with the launching ceremony of Opportunity Sheffield, where Nick Clegg was the guest speaker.

On his arrival at the Town Hall, Clegg was greeted with the chants of ‘Judas’, a reception quite different from the one he got at Barker’s Pool just a few months back.

Speaking to Sheffield Live! the Hallam MP answered questions about Forgemasters loan, his constituency home and the charge that he has betrayed Sheffield.

Video: Angry protestors welcome Nick Clegg