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Pro EU supporters mark Brexit with Peace Gardens vigil

After three and half years since the Brexit referendum, the UK officially left the European Union on Friday night. There were celebrations for some and commiserations for others. In Sheffield around 200 people gathered at the city’s Peace Gardens for a candle lit vigil organised by a group called Sheffield for Europe, to mark what they described as a tragic day. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

South Yorkshire MPs split on Brexit Bill

The government’s Brexit bill scraped through a second reading vote but has been put on hold by the Prime Minister following MPs rejection of the government’s three day debate timetable. South Yorkshire MPs Dan Jarvis, Sarah Champion, Kevin Barron and Caroline Flint were among the Labour rebels voting with the government. Sheffield Live ! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to local people to get their views on the latest Brexit turmoil.

Protests continue over no-deal-Brexit threat

Hundreds of protestors gathered at Barker’s Pool for the second weekend in a row to oppose the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend Parliament and continue his threat to exit the EU on 31 October without a deal. The demonstration and march from Barker’s Pool to Devonshire Green was organised by campaign group Another Europe is Possible. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Pro-Europe campaigners optimistic on Peoples Vote

Campaigners from Sheffield for Europe have welcomed the government’s promise to allow MPs a vote to delay departure from the European Union or rule out a no-deal Brexit, if Parliament rejects the Prime Minister’s deal for a second time. Mary Seneviratne, a People’s Vote campaigner told Sheffield Live! the government is “moving in the right direction.” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said his party will support a second referendum if his proposed Brexit deal is defeated. Baillor Jalloh reports.

Brexit deal would hurt our consitutents, says Heeley MP

Shadow Policing Minister, Louise Haigh, told Sheffield Live! Labour will not support the government’s Brexit deal following the postponement of a parliamentary vote on the proposals. In an interview with Sheffield Live! the Heeley MP said: “We are not going to support a deal that will hurt our constituents”. Prime Minister Theresa May has told MPs they will now get to vote on the deal in the week commencing 14 January 2019. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!