Love Lord of the Rings?

The Hunt for Gollum is a 40 minute fan film, inspired by the appendices of JRR Tolkein’s classic trilogy, ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

The film tells the tale of Aragorn as he searches for Gollum, after Gandalf realizes that someone else knows the whereabouts of the ‘one ring’.

Chris Bouchard, the writer-director, assembled a team of dedicated cast and crew and began filming around Wales and Epping Forest. In the process creating an epic 40 minute film which had a total budget of around £3,000 (compared with £190million spent making the three The Lord Of The Rings films). The movie recently had its world premiere at the Sci-Fi Film Festival in London and played to universal praise.

The film is completely non-commercial and can be viewed in full at

Communities Live!’s Fabian Beckett spoke to Sheffield based actor, Adrian Webster about his starring role in the film as Aragorn and what fans can expect from this exciting new independent film.

Fabian Beckett Interviews Adrian Webster