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Safety review call after Staniforth Road tram collisions

Rail investigators have called for a safety review to be carried out by Sheffield Council after two collisions in two months involving trams and vehicles at the same spot on Staniforth Road. The Rail Accident Investigation Branch said a review of the junction and road signals should be carried out following the incidents on 25 October when a lorry drove into the path of a tram and on 30 November when a car hit a tram at the same junction. James Otter reports for Sheffield Live!

Sheffield tram train in crash on first day of service

Sheffield’s long awaited tram train finally began running only to be derailed on its first day of service after a crash with a lorry on Staniforth Road. The service was due to launch two years ago but has faced delays and cost overruns from an initial estimate of £15 million to a final bill of £75 million. Services were suspended after the incident. Earlier Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh spoke to Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis about the launch of the new service.

First Tram Train is unveiled in Sheffield

The UK’s first Tram Train has been unveiled in Sheffield today. The vehicle designed to run on the city’s tramlines and rail network is expected to be fully in service by early 2017. Passengers will be able to make a single journey from Sheffield to the Park Gate retail centre in Rotherham, via Meadowhall and the Rotherham Central station.