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Cab drivers encouraged to get regular health checks

Taxi drivers across Sheffield have been invited to take part in health checks this week at the Pakistan Muslim Centre to improve their health and well-being. The health awareness event was to encourage cab drivers to have regular health checks including blood pressure and heart rate to help facilitate early intervention if necessary. The event was organised by the Sheffield Taxi Trade Association and Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Cab drivers protest against cross-border licensing

Dozens of  taxi drivers joined a demonstration outside the Town Hall against rules which allow drivers licensed by other local authorities to ply their trade in Sheffield. A convoy of drivers joined the protest from Atterclife, sounding their car horns and driving slowly to raise awareness of the issue. The Deregulation Act 2015 allows cross-border licensing of private hire and hackney carriage operators enabling drivers for Uber and some local companies to by-pass Sheffield Council’s licensing arrangements. Union officials argue that deregulation is putting public safety at risk. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Private hire operators required to give radio service to Sheffield badge holders only

A loophole in the law which has allowed over seven hundred taxi drivers to operate in Sheffield with licences issued by councils hundreds of miles away is set to end. From 1 November, private hire taxi companies will be obliged to give radio service only to Sheffield badge holders under new Sheffield City Council regulations. Sheffield Live! reporter, Simon Thake spoke to Ibrar Hussain, GMB union representative.

Sheffield taxi drivers rally against licence loophole

A loophole in the law has allowed over seven hundred Sheffield taxi drivers to operate with licences issued by councils hundreds of miles away. Over four hundred of the licences were issued in Rossendale, Lancashire. The news has sparked concerns over safety and welfare. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke with taxi driver and GMB Sheffield union representative, Ibrar Hussain.