Latest news from the Sheffield Live! teams

Pedal power celebrated on World Bicycle Day

The UN-backed international campaign to promote cycling, World Bicycle Day, has moved up a gear as more people have taken to two wheels in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Sheffield Live reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Joanne Werhle, manager of South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership.

Funding award to promote Rotherham history

Rotherham Council have secured a £38,000 grant from Historic England to boost engagement with the town’s historic landmarks using arts and digital technologies. The grant is part of a Covid-19 response scheme to make it easier for residents to engage with local heritage. It will focus on Keppel’s Column in Thorpe Hesley, Catcliffe Cone in Catcliffe and Waterloo Kiln in Swinton. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Councillor Sarah Allen, cabinet member for cleaner, greener communities.

South Yorkshire charity wins Queen’s Award

The Sleep Charity, based in Doncaster, has won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, one of the highest accolades in the voluntary and community sector. Founded in 2012, the charity has a focus on helping children and adults deal with sleeping difficulties. According to founder and chief executive, Vicki Dawson, around 40 percent of people suffer with sleep issues in the UK. A recent survey carried out by the charity showed that sleeping difficulties can come about through a change in routine or due to anxiety around money problems or other issues and that the coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on children’s sleep patterns. Azz Mohammed reports for Sheffield Live!

Sheffield Student’s Union staff demand full pay for furloughed workers

Staff at the University of Sheffield’s Students’ Union have expressed disappointment at university plans to reduce the wages of furloughed staff to 80 per cent during the coronavirus pandemic. Sheffield Live! spoke to Josh Berlyne, who works part-time in a student union cafe and is a Unite the Union representative at Sheffield University Students’ Union. Sean Johnson reports.

Sheffield schools re-opening delayed to 15th June

Sheffield Council has responded to pressure from teachers and parents by extending until 15th June the date on which schools are planned to re-open. Government advice was to reopen on 1st June however over thirty local authorities in England have pushed back the re-opening date while schools in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are not planned to re-open before September. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Toby Mallinson, district joint secretary for the National Education Union.

Council apologises over 5G mast missed deadline

Sheffield Council has apologised after missing a planning deadline that would have enabled community views to be considered in an application to install a telecommunications mast on Rustlings Road. The Council had a 56 day period in which to respond to a telecommunications planning application by Vodafone to install a 5G mast at a sensitive site opposite Endcliffe Park. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Andrew Sangar, councillor for Fullwood ward.

Animal rescue charity faces uncertain future

Rotherham-based animal rescue charity Rain Rescue is facing an uncertain future due to the impact of the coronavirus on its fundraising and donations. Since its foundation in 2002 the charity has saved the lives of thousands of cats and dogs including abandoned and unwanted animals for which its rescue centre provides space and support to recover while a new home is being sought. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Shelley Richmond, chair of Rain Rescue.

Blind and partially sighted face reduced support in lockdown

Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind has furloughed 80 per cent of their staff to cope with the lockdown and reduced revenues. The charity provides support, friendship and services to over 3,600 blind and partially sighted people in Sheffield with over 300 weekly visitors in normal times to its Mappin Street premises. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Joanne Arden, deputy manager for Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind.