Wake Road fire cause revealed

Wake Road fire cause revealed

Fire and police investigators have revealed that the most probable cause of the fire on Wake Road, Sheffield in which five people tragically lost their lives was an electrical fault involving a faulty charging device.

The five people who tragically died in the blaze in Wake Road, Nether Edge were Shabina Begum, 53, her daughter Anum Parwaiz, 20, Adyan Parwaiz Kayani, nine, Amaan Parwaiz Kayani, seven, and nine-week-old Minahil Parwaiz Kayani.

Miss Parwaiz was aunt to the three children and Mrs Begum was their grandmother. Post-mortem examinations found that all five family members died from smoke inhalation.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have given out the following general safety advice

Do not leave things to charge overnight or beyond the recommended charging time

Do not buy cheap, unbranded chargers

Make sure chargers are compatible to the device you are using

Keep electrical items away from flammable materials when charging

Do not overload sockets – long strip adaptors are safest but only take a maximum of 13 amps.

Head of Strategy and Engagement at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, Steve Chu spoke to Sheffield Live! George Torr.