Sheffielders buying shares in local media operation

SCM_ProgressCommitments of over £40,000 have been made to Sheffield Community Media’s Pioneer and Community Share Offer – taking the investment opportunity for anyone who lives, works, or has interests in Sheffield to own their very own television channel over a quarter of the way towards its target.

And excitement is building about the plans – with comments rolling in from more figures in Sheffield’s business, entertainment, media, social enterprise and community sectors.

Peter Johnson commented “I’m buying shares in Sheffield Community Media because I’ve always been a huge fan of sheffield live radio and if the television channel  is going to be anything like the output of the radio, it’ll be a great service for Sheffield.”

Jodie Marshall, Managing Director of A Mind Apart Theatre Company, said “I would really like to take shares in this project as I believe it’s a great opportunity for Sheffield, and as someone working on the frontline in Sheffield within the arts and working with young people and educating them in this area, I believe it could be a great opportunity for Sheffield to put even more onto the creative map of the UK.”

And Joe Elliott, the lead vocalist of Def Leppard and of the Mott the Hoople cover band, Down ‘n’ Outz, said: “Now watch out for Sheffield Live TV – it’s going to be fantastic – especially for music.”

Readers can become a part owner and can invest from £100 to £20,000, payable by instalments if preferred. Sheffield Community Media aims to pay a modest rate of interest after 3 years. Details here.

Sheffield Community Media Ltd, an organisation set up for community benefit, has been established to support community media development in Sheffield, including the new local digital TV channel that will be launched on Freeview, cable and the internet in 2014.

In May 2012, Ofcom, the communications regulator, advertised local digital TV licences for Sheffield and 20 other ‘pioneer locations’. Sheffield Local Television Ltd, wholly owned by Sheffield Community Media Ltd, was the winning applicant for the Sheffield local TV service.

Launching in 2014, the new television channel Sheffield Live TV will cover Sheffield news; events; music; sports and culture. It will reflect the interests of Sheffield people and communities – and provide a platform for local talent and opportunities for local businesses.

It will be Sheffield’s first digital local TV channel, broadcasting on Freeview channel 8, cable and the internet.

And it will be part of a new cross-platform media partnership – radio, TV, web and mobile – working with existing community radio station Sheffield Live 93.2 FM and a new web and mobile Sheffield news service.

Community Shares are a form of social investment to raise funds for projects of community benefit.

Sheffield Community Media Ltd want Sheffielders to support this groundbreaking project. Their “Pioneer and Community Share Offer” is available at

Other figures have already provided their support:

Jill Davies, chief executive of Westfield Health, said “I think it’s a fantastic opportunity that we’re going to get our own local TV in Sheffield. It’ll enable us to keep our fingers on the pulse of all those local important issues.”

Ed Cosens of Sheffield band Reverend and the Makers commented “Sheffield Local Television is an amazing opportunity for the people of Sheffield to do what Sheffield does best – be creative and get inspired. Musically it’s going to be amazing, you’ve got loads of great music programmes on there so I’m excited about that.”

Heather MacDonald, chief executive of The Sheffield College, said “It’s brilliant for Sheffield College and it’s brilliant for Sheffield City.”

Dermot Griffiths of Mercury Taxis said “I’m really looking forward to the launch of Sheffield Live TV….this will be a perfect platform to showcase all the great things about Sheffield.”

Jay Bhayani of Bhayani Bracewell commented “I’m really excited about the launch of Sheffield Live TV. It’s a fantastic way for us to showcase the expertise and talent right on our doorstep in Sheffield.”

The Sheffield Community Media Ltd business plan, published at sets out the organisation’s proposals for the development of a digital local television channel for Sheffield as part of a cross-platform community media offer.

Richard Motley, chair of Sheffield Community Media Ltd, said:

“Building on Sheffield’s history of culture, creativity and innovation, our goal is to establish a cross-platform community media service that serves the public interest in local news, information, education and entertainment and encourages local talent and creative expression.”

Steve Buckley, chair of Sheffield Local Television Ltd, said:

“We have a sustainable business model that will create jobs and nurture talent. But we need Sheffielders’ support to make Sheffield Live TV happen.

“The Sheffield Community Media shares prospectus – at – explains how to get involved in Sheffield Community Media Ltd and what, together, we can achieve. Please join this exciting new media project – the first of its kind.”


Media enquiries: Jamie Veitch: 07904 272 200

Questions about the Pioneer and Community Share Issue: call 0114 281 4082 or email

Sheffield Community Media Ltd is a society for the benefit of the community incorporated under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965. Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration No: 31727R. Registered address: 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX