Tramlines is here! Alex Deadman interviews and more…

It’s Friday, it’s hot…it’s time for Tramlines.

Sheffield’s huge city music festival is back for its fifth year, with a brilliant programme and hundreds of artists spread out over 70+ venues.

There’s a massive lineup of music – with a small (£6) daily door charge to access the main stages and music venues – and loads of free areas like Weston Park, The Folk Forest, The Cathedral too.

And there’s even a free Buskers Bus to help get around the city.

Graham Marshall, co-presenter of Sheffield Live!’s Spirit of the Wapentake rock show, recently interviewed Tramlines’ Alex Deadman. You can listen to Graham’s interview with Alex on the Spirit of the Wapentake show here and it’s also here with a special Audio Guide to Tramlines.

And Alex was also a guest on last week’s Saturday Soundclash – listen to the podcast of the show here.

Alex also featured (he’s been working hard…) in Communities Live last week talking with Laurence. Podcast here.

Tomorrow in another Saturday Soundclash Tramlines special we’ll have Clubs And Spades in the building for a chat about the new LP & more.

Wishing you all a great Tramlines…and remember your water and sunscreen!

  • Today’s Local Talent Show was a Tramlines special too…check it out.
  • We have more Tramlines content within Sheffield Live! shows this weekend – as well as serving up our normal weekend feast of great music, film reviews from Slam Dunk Cinema and much, much more…tune in and listen on 93.2fm / livestream via
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