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Government funding confirmed for Hanover Tower re-cladding

Sheffield Council has been awarded £4m funding from the government for the costs of re-cladding Hanover Tower which failed a fire safety test following the Grenfell Tower tragedy two years ago. The council appealed to central government to fund the work so that the costs wouldn’t fall on local residents. Replacement work began earlier this year underwritten by the local authority, pending decision on government grants to replace unsafe cladding. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Hanover residents fears six months after Grenfell

Residents living in the Hanover Tower block in Broomhall remain concerned at the slow pace of progress on health and safety measures, six months after the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in which 71 people died. Following the Grenfell fire, high rise buildings across the country were tested for fire safety. In Sheffield, out of 24 Council-owned tower blocks, the Hanover Tower was the only high rise to fail fire safety tests due to it’s cladding. Residents have been informed that it will take up to two years to fit new cladding to the building and to install the sprinkler systems which have been promised for all Council owned tower blocks in the city. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Sheffield Council to install sprinklers in all residential towers

Sheffield Council has confirmed that all 24 of their residential tower blocks will be fitted with sprinkler systems following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The council also said exterior cladding used to refurbish council-owned tower blocks was “fireproof and complies with building and planning regulations”. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Housing association chief urges building regulations review

The chief executive of South Yorkshire Housing Association, Tony Stacey, has told Sheffield Live! that building regulations must change following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Stacey, recently awarded an OBE for 35 years of service to social housing, confirmed that all SYHA properties are fitted with sprinklers as a matter of policy. This report from Simon Thake.

Prove our cladding is safe, tower block tenants tell Sheffield Council

The chair of Gleadless Valley Tenants and Residents Association has challenged Sheffield Council to prove that cladding installed on the six high rise tower blocks at Callow Mount is safe and different to the cladding installed at Grenfell Tower in London. Sally Dale, chair of Gleadless Valley TARA warned that residents are nervous and would like written evidence to prove their buildings are safe. Councillor Jayne Dunn has said checks are being carried out by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!