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Theatrical turn to anti-fracking campaign

Anti-fracking campaigners organised a theatrical demonstration outside Sheffield Hall, to highlight dangers of fracking through costume and story-telling. Fracking to extract shale gas through hydraulic fracturing of rocks deep underground has faced strong opposition with some councils already pledged to be frack free and campaigners pressing the government to slow down the issue of fracking licences until the risks are fully understood. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Cameron Hall of Friends of the Earth.

Hundreds in anti-fracking rally at Barkers Pool

Anti-fracking campaigners gathered in their hundreds for a rally at Barkers Pool to call for a ban on fracking and for fossil fuels to be kept in the ground. Organisers say fracking is incompatible with the government’s commitment to tackle climate change. Fracking involves injecting water, sand and chemicals into the ground at high pressure to create fissures that enable extraction of oil or gas. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Anti-fracking campaigners march in Eckington

Hundreds of campaigners and local residents joined a No Frack Day rally at the proposed INEOS fracking site near Eckington. The rally began at Coal Aston Village Hall with a march to the proposed site in Bramleymoor Lane, off Marsh Lane. Campaigners highlight the dangers of fracking and are urging the government to promote safer and sustainable energy sources. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Letwell residents express concerns over fracking plans

Residents from the village of Letwell, Rotherham have expressed their concern about possible plans for fracking on local land. Landowners in the conservation village have been approached by agents working for INEOS company, seeking permission to put seismic testing equipment on private land, a precursor to fracking. Letwell Parish Council have said they were not given prior notice that these approaches were to be made. Some residents have said that they felt threatened and intimidated by these visits, with one resident described the experience as “bullying”. Residents provided Sheffield Live! with footage where they expressed their concerns to former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett. They have asked that their names not to be included in this footage.

Anti-fracking protesters campaign for a ‘Frack Free University’

Sheffield University students have launched a ‘frack free university’campaign with a series of awareness raising events. Campaigners are concerned that fracking could come to Sheffield following the recent approval of fracking licences in North Yorkshire. Speaking at the launch panel organised by Sheffield University Students Union were Simon Bowens a member of Friends of the Earth and Tina Rothery of Frack Free Nana, a group of women who have led campaigns against fracking in Lancashire. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!