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Global arts festival comes to Sheffield

Arts and culture from around the world is set to be on show in the Winter Gardens and Barker’s Pool with a weekend of poetry, music, stage and more, brought to Sheffield by Good Chance Theatre. The FreeDome arts festival builds on the Theatre of Hope project created in the Sangatte refugee camp, Calais and which has gone on to tour the world. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Dina Mousawi, creative producer at Good Chance Theatre.

Nether Edge Festival underway

The opening event for Nether Edge Festival 2018 was held at the Common Ground Community Centre with music, dance, face-painting, arts and crafts activities. The festival, into its fourth year and taking place at various venues in Nether Edge, runs until 23 September. Baillor Jalloh reports fo Sheffield Live!

20×20 exhibition highlights emerging artists

Hosted by Access Space, the 20×20 exhibition is into its twelfth year providing a platform to showcase work from beginners to established artists, the only requirement being that each piece must fit a 20 by 20 inch square. Sheffield Live! reporter Nick Coleman spoke to Jake Harris, director of art and innovation for Access Space.

Peace in the Park celebrates 15th year

The Peace in the Park festival returned to Sheffield for 2017 with the message of reclaiming peace in the world and the power of community action. The arts and music festival is celebrating its fifteenth year since it launched in 2003 and is still run entirely by volunteers. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Arts Council England celebrate 70 year’s of arts and culture

Created out of the ‘Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts’ 1940, the ‘Arts Council England’ aimed to support Britain’s culture as part of the war effort. Now, seventy years on, Sheffield Live wanted to find out how the ‘Arts Council England’ helps Sheffield and whether the ‘Brexit’ vote after the EU referendum may change this. Here’s what Senior Manager Pete Massey had to say.

Theatre goes bespoke


Sheffield Live! reporter Emma Wass interviews Stacey Sampson from Dead Earnest Theatre, an applied theatre company in Sheffield who create bespoke theatre and interactive workshops to address a range of social issues. Most recently they devised a performance for the Accommodation and Campus Services Department of the University of Sheffield around the issue of staff absence and returning to work interviews.

In this interview, Stacey talks about the Creative Sparks programme, an initiative for children funded by Sheffield City Council. Over the past two weeks they have been delivering free drama and art and craft workshops in Firth Park and the city centre.

For more information about the Creative Sparks workshops, email Stacey on stacey@deadearnest.co.uk.

The report was aired on Communities Live on August 27, 2010.

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