Sun shines on Sharrow Festival

Sheffield Live at Sharrow Festival 2013

Thousands flocked to Mount Pleasant Park on Saturday to enjoy live music, fun activities, entertainment and visit stalls – including a Sheffield Live! outside broadcast stall – in glorious sunshine for the Sharrow Festival.

The Festival is a flagship event for Sharrow which celebrates the culture and diversity of the area and has been running since 1988. This year’s event attracted over 6000 visitors according to an estimate by Alan Deadman, one of the festival organisers.

Sheffield Live! presenters and team including Lee Price (Vancouver Manoeuvre), Paul Gregory, Kevin Risley (Communities Live!) broadcast live from the festival between 1 and 6pm, with Sangita Basudev in the studio looking after the broadcast of the live feed.

Rust performing at Sharrow Festival 2013 (photo: Jamie Veitch)

Rust performing on the main stage

Sangita commented “it was fantastic that so many people attended this year’s Sharrow Festival – and to get such a great response from listeners to our live broadcasts. It’s a special event for Sheffield Live – the festival is a wonderful, welcoming, diverse and inclusive event, with music, entertainment and activities for all. And Sheffield Live originally started as a two-day broadcast project from Sharrow Festival, before securing our FM broadcast license nearly 6 years ago. We’re all thrilled that there was a record turnout for the Festival this year.”

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