Incredible Edible on Sheffield Live

Incredible Edible is a “local food movement that’s inspiring communities all over the world.”

The movement began 6 years ago in Todmorden, where any day in the growing season can now see fruit and vegetables in some most unusual places: tomatoes along the canal path, strawberries outside the college and runner beans in the cemetery; food you are welcome to take as much of as you like.

This simple but radical act of growing food in public places for everyone to share has had a transformative effect in Todmorden – benefiting residents of all ages and even boosting businesses – and has been a starting point for a movement that is now spreading across the world.

Already more than 50 towns and villages across the UK have joined the Incredible Edible movement. It’s spreading across the world too, with over 300 Incredible Edibles in France alone, and others in places as far apart as Mali, Canada and New Zealand.

Now a new book about the Incredible Edible story, and the power of growing vegetables to transform communities, has been written by local author Joanna Dobson, who has spent the past two years researching and writing the story of Incredible Edible.

Joanna came onto Communities Live on Thursday 5th December to talk with presenters Andy Cooper, Charlotte Carrick and Julie Anne Tulley about the Incredible Edible book – and the Kickstarter campaign to pay for the book’s publication.

What next?

Listen to the podcast of the Communities Live show (5-12-2013 episode) featuring interview with Joanna Dobson (The interview starts at 14 minutes, and this podcast will remain available until end of Jan 2014).

Find out more about the Kickstarter campaign to support the Incredible Edible book, which closes on Weds 11th December.

Watch a video about Incredible Edible: