Game Over Sheffield

Game Over


My first encounter with Game Over was a Facebook invitation.

“Here we go…” I thought, “I can’t wait to decline this!”

I’m quite picky with events I go to, a general rule I follow is – if it’s not gigs, I’m not interested! I don’t even visit the cinema, and as somebody who spends hours alone rejecting social invitations on a regular basis in favour of being at one with my Xbox, I was at first reluctant to go to an event that would require me actually speaking to other human beings (and not down a mic).

Why do I need to go to a bar to play video games when I can just merrily sit here, check my phone (for the texts I’m not going to receive) and eat some custard creams in the comfort of my own crumb riddled bed?

This is why…

I realised almost immediately that Game Over has been the type of social activity I have been looking for.  I was lucky to meet some of the nicest people I have ever interacted with and it was genuinely one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in a long time. There is something quite brilliant about being complimented on your t-shirt because somebody knows it’s actually the vault boy and not TinTin!

What makes this night even better is that you don’t have to be some powernerd who spends all day on COD shouting at four year olds and throwing their controllers at the wall. Nope, this was for anybody who has an interest in anything games related new and old. I sometimes find that myself and others are put off by these events on the basis that there will be some know-it-all fedora wearing guy going around trying to educate people on the history of video games. Every single person I spoke to was down to earth and friendly.

And what better way to make some friends than virtually shooting them in the head?!

Not only can you kick some serious backside on Mario Kart, but you can eat a slice of pepperoni and neck a beer at the same time.

I really struggle to fault this event.

For those of you who would like to visit and beat me at some games, check out the latest event on Facebook Game Over – Battle Of Seven Hills and like and join the page here: Game Over – Facebook Page

Please also remember to tune in to Gamers Rule on Sheffield Live! – every Saturday from 11am to 12noon!