Lord Winston opens Legacy Park college

Professor Lord Robert Winston opened the UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park college at an official ceremony to launch the new facility for 14-19 year old students. The £10 million college on the former Don Valley site will specialise in computing, health sciences and sport science and is fitted with state of the art equipment. Azz Mohammed reports for Sheffield Live!

Tapton School to be northern hub for science charity IRIS

The Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS) has announced that Tapton School, Sheffield will become their new northern hub. IRIS is a charity which aims to inspire young people’s interest in science and to promote the development of science teachers. School students gain access to top level scientific data and the opportunity to collaborate in real time with scientists around the globe and to develop innovative experimental ideas. Tapton student Miles Soloman made headlines recently when he found an error in NASA data. The school will work with other Sheffield primary schools to help develop their science programmes and to provide opportunities for budding scientists. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Sheffield skywatchers look out for ‘supermoon’

Skywatchers in Sheffield have been enjoying a ‘supermoon’ sighting as the Earth’s satellite makes its closest approach since 1948. The supermoon was at its brightest on Monday night when, for observers, it appeared about seven per cent larger and fifteen per cent brighter than normal. The moon will not be this close again until 25 November 2034. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke with astrophysicist Professor Simon Goodwin from University of Sheffield.

Sheffield scientists pioneer new method for managing radioactive waste

As World Science Day for Peace and Development highlights science in society, Sheffield Live! investigates new developments in nuclear waste storage. Neil Hyatt, professor of Material Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield and a recognised authority on radioactive waste management is leading a team developing a new kind of cement to store radio active waste. Azz Mohammed reports.

HS2 reported to be coming in to City Centre

President of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Jillian Thomas, welcomed a report, which favoured the city centre option, for the HS2 train stop. The report also said it would save £768 million pounds on the overall budget of the project to go for Midland station.

Raising awareness of Diabetes

A campaign to highlight what puts people at risk of developing Diabetes has been launched this week. The Sheffield branch of Diabetes UK have set up an information point in the centre of town as part of the national campaign.