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New radio stations plan for Sheffield and Rotherham

A group of local and community media organisations have come together with an ambitious plan to expand choice for radio listeners tuning to digital radio in Sheffield and Rotherham. Community radio stations Link FM and Sheffield Live! have joined forces with Sheffield Community Media to establish a new digital audio broadcasting network. The joint venture, Shefcast Digital, has been set up to operate as a social enterprise. Baillor Jalloh reports.

Peace in the Park celebrates 15th year

The Peace in the Park festival returned to Sheffield for 2017 with the message of reclaiming peace in the world and the power of community action. The arts and music festival is celebrating its fifteenth year since it launched in 2003 and is still run entirely by volunteers. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

IMAN FM One Year Anniversary

IMAN FM has celebrated one year of its existence this October. The community radio which is based in Attercliffe, broadcast into many different languages including English, Urdu, Punjabi and Bangali. I spoke to Hafiz Anwar Zahidy, to find out more about the radio station since it started in 2014.

Watch Sheffield Live! coverage of the count live tonight

Election day is here and Sheffield Live!TV is going to be doing its first every outdoor broadcast live from the count.  Sheffield Live! 93.2 FM has been bringing you live coverage since 2007 and tonight it is going to joined by SLTV.  Join us from Midnight tonight on Freeview Channel 8, Virgin 159, 93.2 FM and

A selfie exhibition is Sheffield

An exhibition which is instantly printing out selfies put up on Instagram means that you could be part of the piece without you knowing about it.  The Artist is exploring how we publicly display our photographs showing some of our most intimate moments.

New baths for North Sheffield

Sheffield North Active is going to be a new baths opening  in 2016.  The facility will offer a swimming pool and gym to people in the North of the City and encourage local people to have a more active life style.  The current Chapletown Baths will be closed down.