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Sheffield protest backs McDonald’s workers

Sheffield activists held a Town Hall protest in support of McDonalds workers who have walked out at six London restaurants in a campaign to improve wages and working conditions. The action was one of many solidarity initiatives across the UK and internationally as McDonalds workers took to Downing Street to demand wages of £15 an hour and an end to youth rates and zero hours contracts. McDonalds, in response, have said the strikers represented a tiny proportion of its UK workforce. Sheffield Live spoke to Jenniffer Jones, co-chair of Momentum Sheffield.

Sheffield report highlights unfair employment

A research report from Citizens Advice Sheffield has highlighted deteriorating employment practices that are impacting on Sheffield workers rights and pay. The research highlighted the growth of zero hours contracts and self-employment arrangements and calls for action to improve employment rights and remedies to unfair practices. The researchers estimate £2.7 billion is lost nationally each year in wages withheld from people who are legally entitled to them. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Tim Arnold of Citizens Advice Sheffield.