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Sheffield Council accused of failing special needs children

Liesje Dusausay, chief executive of Sparkle Sheffield, the autism charity, has accused Sheffield Council of “abusing” children with special educational needs by failing to provide the right educational environment. Dusausay told Sheffield Live! that many children are still waiting confirmation of their school placements while others are so distressed at their current schools that they are self-harming. Sheffield Council released a statement last week admitting mistakes had been made which the authority said it “truly” regretted. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke with members of Sparkle and concerned parents.

Sparkle for Autism this Bonfire Night

Sparkle Sheffield are raising awareness of autism, and the dangers of sparklers for children with autism around Bonfire night. They are encouraging people to wear something sparkly instead, or take part in a dance, over the bonfire period. Sparkle are asking people around the world to post their photos on social media. Founder of Sparkle, Liesje Dusauzaytold Sheffield Live why she decided to set up the campaign.