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Kerry Needham “most confident she’s been in finding her son in 24 years.”

Kerry Needham returned from Greece after making a TV appearance on a missing persons show with her Mum Christine.  Kerrys’ son  Ben went missing on the Island of Kos nearly 24 years ago when he was just 21 months old.  Over 80 people responded to the programme saying that they had information about Ben.  Kerry and Christine both feel confident the new leads will give them the answer to where Ben is.

Kerry Needham travels to Athens

Kerry Needham is appearing on Greek TV in a missing persons show to talk about her son Ben who went missing 24 years ago.  Ben Needham was 21 months old when he went missing while he was playing outside his Grandparents farmhouse on the Greek Island of Kos.

Ben Needham’s mum talks to Sheffield Live!

Ben Needham went missing 23 years ago in Kos, Greece.  His mother Kerry has been looking for him every since.  The family have been following up leads and doing their own investigation with very little support from official sources.  The Home Office has now given a grant to South Yorkshire police to do a more in depth investigation over the coming year.