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Police chief asked to explain response to tree row

Liberal Democrat peer, Paul Scriven, is demanding South Yorkshire Police explain the deployment of dozens of police officers on Abbeydale Park Rise on Monday, when a row began between tree campaigners and council contractor Amey. Sheffield Live! reporter, Baillor Jalloh, spoke to Lord Scriven.

Sheffield school re-opens after crash

Fir Vale School in Page Hall has re-opened on Wednesday after an incident on Tuesday morning when a black BMW was driven at speed into the school grounds before it ploughed into the front doors of the school. Two men were arrested in what South Yorkshire Police describe as “an isolated incident”. No staff or students were reported to have been injured but the school was evacuated. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Robbed shop owner thanks community and police for support

A news agent in Sheffield who was attacked with a gun in his shop has thanked the police and the public for their support. Sajjad Ahmed Chaudhry, who owns the National News shop in Sharrow was left with bruises and a black eye when masked raiders burst into his shop. Mr Chaudhry wrestled the gun from his attackers and was badly bruised during the ordeal. It is he fifth time he’s been attacked since 1997. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!


Meadowhall aims to raise £150k for Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Meadowhall has selected Yorkshire Air Ambulance as their chosen charity for 2018/19 and aims to raise £150k in the next two years. The life saving charity maintains and operates two helicopters with full medical crews covering the Yorkshire region. The YAA said it costs around £12,000 a day to run a single helcopter. The charity replaces the Bluebell Wood Childen’s Centre, which received £128,000 from the centre in the last two years.

Sheffield school evacuated after bomb hoax

A 15 year old boy has been arrested by South Yorkshire Police after Sheffield’s Birley Academy was evacuated in response to a bomb threat that proved to be a hoax call. Police were called to the school on Monday morning following reports that the school had received a bomb threat. As a precautionary measure, the college chose to evacuate students and worked with police while the area was searched. Chief Superintendent Natalie Shaw said: “After a prolonged search of Birley Academy, a device has not been found. Hoax calls are malicious and irresponsible, they can cause a considerable deal of distress. Anyone found to have committed this offence could face a prison sentence.” Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Police seek witnesses following multiple stabbings

South Yorkshire Police are appealing for witnesses after seven people were stabbed in separate incidents on Saturday and Sunday in Sheffield city centre. Two men have been charged in connection with altercations on Carver Street and Division Street in which five people were injured in the early hours of Saturday morning. At around 2.20am on Sunday, officers attended and secured a scene at the Area bar on Burgess Street where two men had been stabbed in what the police believe to be an unrelated incident. A closure notice has been served on the Area bar which the police are seeking to extend at the magistrates court. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Burngreave businesses want more police on the beat

Despite a dedicated team of five police officers posted in Burngreave to tackle crime and gang issues after two stabbings and a shooting, local businesses are still concerned. Yousouf Adams who owns Suda Tech on Spital Street, told Sheffield Live! that local businesses would like to see officers present in the evening as most trouble starts when the police are gone. The street violence has involved confrontation between rival gangs from the Kurdish and Somali communities. Police have been given new powers to stop and search suspects and to patrol the area to re-assure residents. Baillor Jalloh reports.

Gang violence worsens in Spital Hill

Additional police officers have been deployed in Burngreave following a shooting incident in which a man was wounded. The altercation between rival gangs, thought by police to be individuals of Kurdish and Somalian origin, took place just two days after a 17 year old was stabbed in the same area. Emergency services were called on Wednesday and a man was taken hospital with suspected gunshot wounds, said to be not life theatening. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!