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Countdown begins on tense Pakistan elections

As polls closed on the Pakistan Elections 2018 many from Sheffield’s Pakistani community gathered at the Pakistan Muslim Centre in Woodburn Road to watch the results come in. Opinion polls suggest a tight race between the ex-cricket star Imran Khan’s party and that of the jailed former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The election has been marred by a series of deadly attacks amid growing concerns of political instability. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Campaigners raise plight of Kashmir in Town Hall protest

A demonstration outside Sheffield Town Hall has sought to raise awareness of the unresolved conflict over Kashmir and related human rights abuses. The conflict, which dates back to the partition of India in 1947, has its roots in the contest for territorial control of the Kashmir region primarily between India and Pakistan, but also involves China and a number of local insurgent groups, including independence supporters. The conflict has led to many civilian deaths and widespread human rights violations. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke to campaigners outside the Town Hall.

Pakistan Floods Appeal

Over 1,000 people are reported to have died in recent floods in Pakistan. Many millions have been directly affected. In the aftermath of the floods there is a serious risk to survivors from potentially deadly diseases which will spread as a result of contaminated surface and drinking water.

Sheffield Live! is supporting the UK Disasters and Emergency Committee (DEC) Pakistan Floods Appeal with broadcast announcements in English and Urdu running throughout this month. The money raised will help support the efforts in Pakistan of the DEC’s members which are leading UK aid agencies.

You can donate now online or call 0370 60 60 900.