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Sheffield anti-racism campaigners join global solidarity march

Members of Sheffield Stand Up to Racism campaign were among thousands joining the TUC backed World Against Racism march in London on Saturday. The demonstration was organised to mark UN International Day Against Racism, which takes place on 21 March, and is part of a global campaign held in cities across the world. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke earlier this week to campaign organiser Phil Turner.

Thousands march in anti-racism rally

Dozens of people travelled from Sheffield to London to take part in a national demonstration on Saturday to mark the United Nations international day against racism. Millions around the world are expected to take part in rallies and events in solidarity with victims of racism in a week of activities organised around the anniversary of the Sharpeville Massacre, 21 March 1960. The national demonstration comes just a week after anti terror police confirmed they are investigating a number of “Punish a Muslim Day” letters sent to different addresses. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Dozens march to highlight education cuts

Campaigners gathered at the Old Heeley Bank school to support the People’s March for Education, a three day walk from Sheffield To Nothingham promoted by the National Union of Teachers. The NUT said the aim of the march is to highlight a “crisis” facing schools and the education system. According to the Union the Government has cut school funding by £2.2 billion since 2015 and plans to cut another £3 billion by 2020. The NUT claims ninety-nine per cent of schools will suffer funding cuts. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Sheffield campaigners join Save Our NHS march

NHS workers, campaigners and union representatives travelled to London to join a protest march against austerity measures in the health service. Organisers said that “at least 250,000” people took part in the Save Our NHS march, which began in Tavistock Square and ended in Westminster. Protesters sought to draw attention to plans which could see cut see cut backs in nearly two thirds of hospital services in England. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Anti-fracking protest in Eckington

Hundreds of residents took part in an anti-fracking march this weekend from Mosborough to the Butchers Arms on Marsh Lane, Eckington. The march was organised to demonstrate against plans by oil and chemicals company Ineos to start exploring shale gas reserves in North Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Walking for Ebola Awareness

Sheffield’s Liberian community walked through town this weekend to raise awareness of Ebola. Akai Bazzie, who is the Senior Pastor of Christ Abiding Ministry for UK said they were marching for three things. To raise awareness of the disease itself, to raise funds for people who are affected and to ask for donations of materials such as gloves and hand sanitisers . The Ebola virus has killed about 1,000 people altogether in West Africa over the last few weeks. The Liberian people have been the worst hit by the outbreak so far.

Sangita Basudev filmed the events for Sheffield Live.