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Bananaman brings a smile despite terminal illness

A terminally ill man suffering from brain cancer has been out on Sheffield streets dressed-up as his favourite childhood super hero Bananaman, aiming to use his time to cheer up others. Ford Mitchell has been told he may have only a few years to live and has been visiting sick children at Weston Park Hospital and talking to the homeless and those in need. Azz Mohammed reports for Sheffield Live!

Public underestimate scale of youth homelessness

A new report by the End Youth Homelessness Campaign suggests public opinion greatly underestimates the scale of youth homelessness in the UK. The findings show that most people believe there are less than 50,000 homeless young people in the UK whereas studies indicate more than 83,000. The study also revealed commonly held misconceptions, with nearly half of people citing drug or alcohol addiction as among the most common reasons for homelessness. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke to Claire Collingworth of homelessness charity Roundabout.

Tales of life on the streets in Sheffield

Local author Craig Minto has written a collection of short stories inspired by tales of homelessness in Sheffield. Homeless Angels tells the stories of three Sheffield characters who find themselves going from riches to rags. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to the author Craig Minto.

Tent City organiser welcomes progress on homelessness

Tent City organiser, Anthony Cunningham, told Sheffield Live! services for the homeless have improved since the closure of the Tent City camp at Park Hill flats. The Tent City campaign put the focus on support for rough sleepers by providing a temporary camp with food, water and amenities. Now the organisers are launching a sunday morning breakfast club for the homeless and have welcomed the cooperation and support of Sheffield Council. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Anthony Cunningham and Christopher Thompson.

Council moves to evict last of Tent City residents

A group of homeless people living in tents near Park Hill flats have been evicted by Sheffield Council after organisers were told to clear the site. The informal camping site for the homeless started in October last year and became known as Tent City. The site was closed down a few weeks later by organisers after the local authority stepped in to offer support for the homeless occupants. After tents reappeared in December the Council told organisers to clear the site or face a £2,000 fine. Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh spoke to Tent City organiser and homelessness campaigner Anthony Cunningham.

Homelessness charity Roundabout celebrates 40 years of service

Sheffield based charity Roundabout are celebrating 40 years of helping vulnerable young people at risk of homelessness in Sheffield with an anniversary fundraising campaign. The registered charity is asking supporters to donate forty pounds each to contribute towards their annual fundraising target of two hundred thousand pounds. Sheffield Live! reporter Sham Powell spoke to Tracey Jackson, deputy chief executive.