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Sheffield cinema debut for Sergio’s journey

Award-winning film, Un Condor, tells the story of Sergio Contreras, the larger-than-life waiter who became the popular front man of Sheffield’s El Paso restaurant. Fewer people know the circumstances that forced Chilean-born Contreras to seek sanctuary in Sheffield after Pinochet’s overthrow of the Allende government in 1983. Film director Yannis Kolozis was inspired to turn his story into a feature length movie, awarded Best Documentary at the 2015 Athens International Digital Film Festival together with a clutch of other awards. Now the film, Un Condor, is to get its big screen debut in Sheffield. The film focuses on Sergio’s emotional return to Chile nearly forty years after he was forced to leave or face imprisonment. Contreras was only seventeen when he said goodbye to his family and all he had known to travel thousands of miles to a life in exile. Un Condor is showing at the Showroom cinema on Sunday. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!