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Homecoming for City of Sheffield lifeboat

The City of Sheffield RNLI lifeboat has been welcomed home in an unveiling at the National Emergency Services Museum, West Bar, where it is to remain following decommissioning. Named on 28 July 1989 at Whitby Lifeboat Station by the Duchess of Kent, the City of Sheffield lifeboat later served for fifteen years in Poole where she launched 557 times and saved 650 lives. The 26 ton vessel was funded mainly by Sheffield residents who contributed £435,000 towards the £560,000 costs as part of the Sheffield Lifeboat Appeal. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Sheffield Live! TV launches today


From a caravan in Sharrow to an FM radio station, to digital TV – community broadcaster Sheffield Live! starts a new phase in its journey today (Tuesday 23 September).

The new local channel will provide the city with local news, programming produced by local people and archive material. A founding member of Sheffield Live! Sangita Basudev, talks with Charlotte Reid about today’s launch.

What next?

Lord of Hunters Bar

Paul Scriven former Leader of Sheffield City Council was today granted the title Lord Scriven of Hunters Bar in the City of Sheffield.  He made the announcement at a gathering of  Liberal Democrats from the Asian community last night here is Sheffield.  He was joined by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg who reminded him what his job would be in the house of Lords.

Sangita Basudev and Jonny Harold report for Sheffield Live! TV