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Scramble for gold as Arctics release new album

Sheffield fans of the Arctic Monkeys queued from the early hours at a city centre pop-up store to get their hands on one of just 2044 exclusive gold vinyl pressings of the band’s sixth album to be released in Sheffield. The new album, titled Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, is the first in six years from the Sheffield indie rock band after their 2013 album, AM, which sold around five million copies worldwide. Azz Mohammed reports for Sheffield Live!

Herd of Elephants raises thousands for Children’s Hospital

The 58 elephants of the Sheffield herd were auctioned off last night at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield raising over £410,000 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. The fibre glass models have been on display around the city for the past three months to wide public acclaim. An elephant designed by artist Matthew Cooper and signed by members of Arctic Monkeys sold for £16,500 while artist Pete McKee’s elephant ‘Marjorie’ achieved the highest bid and sold for £22,000.The money raised from the auction will help pay for new scanner equipment for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!