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New recovery centre offers addicts a fighting chance

The new Sheffield Recovery Community drop-in centre is giving people with drug and alcohol problems a fighting chance to stay clean and sober. The centre at De Hood, Manor Top opened its doors earlier this month. As well as counselling and peer support, the centre offers free boxing training and fitness classes to help people become more healthy and motivated to stay on the road to recovery. The centre is run by professional boxer Reagan Denton who works with young and old in the community. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke to Mick Hartley, a former Sheffield nightclub owner who has been in recovery from addiction and and is the project manager for the drop-in centre.

Police launch new campaign on drink driving

South Yorkshire Police are urging drivers to avoid driving during the festive period while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The campaign to discourage people from irresponsible drinking emphasises safety and alcohol awareness with the aim to reduce drink driving, alcohol related violent crime, vulnerability, domestic violence and underage drinking. Additional measures include drink drive enforcement, test purchasing, the roll out of fixed penalty notices, working with licensed premises and increased patrols to deter people from drink driving. Bailor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Street Film Festival raises awareness of addictions

The ‘Recover Street Film Festival’ has been to a number of cities, showcasing short films showing how people have recovered from addictions. The festival aims to raise awareness of drug and alcohol related problems. But instead of showcasing the films in a cinema, they were screened on Fargate. Shoppers were invited to grab a pair of headphones and watch the videos.

South Yorkshire Police join forces with universities to keep students safe

As thousands of students arrive in Sheffield, and get involved in freshers week activities, South Yorkshire Police have launched a campaign to keep them safe. They’ve joined forces with both universities to reduce violent crime after drinking too much alcohol.The campaign coincides with ‘freshers week’, and aims to make a safe start to the new academic year. They’re aiming to reduce violent crime, by asking students ‘What’s at the end of your drink.