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The Mix

Produced by: DJ Pickles, DJ Tanz

This show is off-air.

Welcome to ‘The Mix’, your favourite radio show on your favourite station. Our mission is to deliver a wide range of exclusive dance tracks that you simply can’t hear anywhere else on the dial; however if you disagree with our choices, then you’ve got the ability to change the playlist as part of ‘The Sheffield Live Dance Top 10’, an exclusive weekly online vote where you get to choose the hottest weekly dance tracks.

From 3pm till 4pm, DJ Pickles plays a mixture of house, electro and dance tracks from a selection of artists never usually played on ‘The Mix’, including Daft Punk, Prodigy and Deadmou5. DJ Pickles already has a history of broadcasting on Hospital radio and although he’s new to Sheffield Live! he’s quickly finding his feet on the FM frequency.

From 4pm till 5pm, DJ Tanz takes over and lays down ‘The Sheffield Live Dance Top 10’ as voted for by the listeners at myspace/paultansleydj and here on this page. ‘The Mix’ attracts listeners from all around the world (particularly from the USA and Italy) and is your first chance to check out the latest tracks due to be released in the next few days.

Paul Tansley aka DJ Tanz

Before becoming a Sheffield Live! DJ, Paul was a successful racing cyclist up until 2006 when he sadly had to retire from racing due to a mystery virus hitting his heart whilst training for the Tour of Majorca. Paul has also been a Civil Servant for over 22 years and in his youth would spin the discs at mobile disco’s before he moved onto the radio dial in 1981 and started working for ‘Northern Radio’. He has been presenting his own show on Sheffield Live! since 2005.

Paul thinks he may be the oldest dance DJ in the country but knows listeners care much more about the music than the DJ which is why listeners love tuning into ‘The Mix’.

About Sheffield Live!

Sheffield Live! exists to give members of the community the chance to be involved in radio. Through Sheffield Live! you will hear many different voices, accents, stories, music and languages. We give air space to local musicians, bands, DJs, composers and writers. Sheffield Live! bringing you the sounds of a lively and diverse City and fights to break down the barriers of stereotype. Listen to us on 93.2fm and you will hear a City that reflects the voices, sound and music of the world.

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