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The Loon Show

Presented by: Tim Crosby
Produced by: Tim Crosby

This show is off-air.

I was featured on the “local sounds show” on Sheffield Liv!e where i was interviewed about my “loon”concept and i said that it arose out of various experiences and philosophical points of view that to, for example to be viewed as insane one is defined as being outside of conventional norms and once alienated from the mainstream culture which can initially be a very negative experience eventually it can lead to a liberation from definitions held by the dominant culture and therefore alienation can lead directly to liberation so the concept of “the loon “symbolically and metaphorically highlights the idea that unconventional or “mad “views or approaches to life the world can be highly creative and beneficial to the self and to the world as a person outside of the world can see the things which define it much more clearly than those within it and also offer alternative ways of finding self value and other ways of being which are not dominated by the acquisition of wealth, striving for externally defined social status or the ridiculous strutting and emptiness of celebrity…

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    1. Graham from Spirit of the ~Wapentake

      Don’t think this show has been on for a very long time. Anyone know for cetain?

    2. Name Less

      We are legion and we are coming for Skott.

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