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Polly Perkins Monthly Cycle

Presented by: Shefffield Live DJ
Produced by: Shefffield Live DJ

Thursday 3 pm - 4 pm

Polly’s ‘on’ the radio…

After so enjoying my live performance, compering and broadcasting work, I realised how much I still love broadcasting and live performance, as an activity or a job and how well my skills and personality fit those roles. I like being that version of myself, that persona feels comfortable and thrilling, that Polly is both me and not me, I hunger for more of being her….

“Polly Perkins’ monthly cycle” will feature local artists, entrepreneurs, scholars and luminaries who will share stories, insights and their music-of-choice. The show will feature a four week rotation of themes with a focus on celebrating the talent and investigating the truth behind our northern wonder women.

I’m thrilled about this new creative project and about interviewing and celebrating some of you wonderful women, this is gonna rock.

I’ve got to go through a short ‘period’ of technical training and raise £1k per year to cover the costs. You can support me here by making a one-off donation or a regular contribution.

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